Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Man whoa calm down"

Going to mellow a little bit this post, because while the rage is all well and good, I've got other things going on as well that I'd like to talk about. I'm sure we'll be back to our regular three minute hate soon enough.  I'm over a 1000 views now, so thanks for reading guys.  I'll try to keep pushing out stuff that's worthwhile to read. 

First off, I bought a Jeep Cherokee for a song.  It needed a bit of work to the radiator and water pump, and I had to throw some new tires on it, but it'll be a fun project vehicle.  I'm making plans to throw on a new exhaust manifold (mine is leaking) and "bombproof" rubber motor mounts at the same time.  This is the first time I've owned something I can really haul stuff in and it just feels like a good fit.  I like the power of the ride - its the 4.0L I6, which runs like a fucking tractor engine and keeps on going. 

We're planning to take my cousin up into the northern forests of Arizona and do some camping and tooling around in the new 4X4.  I'll have the wife take the camera and post some photos from our adventure.  I've never been a fan of the sort of camping where you're five seconds away from an electrical hookup and showers, so we'll be roughing for a night.  Last time we went camping, we hiked out six miles over a 4000 foot climb before getting rained on the entire time.  Hopefully this time will be less eventful, hah hah.

I've always wanted to be better with my hands and building things, and hopefully this Cherokee will be very forgiving about it all.  I've got some projects lined up in mind (air intake, suspension stuff, other small things) and give it a shot.  I'm looking forward in a few weekends to turning a wrench and busting a few knuckles while getting all dirtied up.

The world continues to burn though.  Syria received its missiles from Russia, and Israel threatens retaliation.  IRSGate continues to grow as Holder's media 'handling' blows up in his face.  It'll be an interesting couple of weeks.

I'm going to do some more writing here soon.  I'll post what I got when I get a minute to write things down.


  1. Well, now we're going to be jeep buddies too.

    Dont bother with a special air intake beyond doing the K&N insert filter (replacement for the stock) The "pods" or "cold air intakes" actually suck air from within the engine bay, a good 30% hotter than ambient. We want cold air for intake, as its more o2 dense. So all those ricer kids who yank their stock intakes that pull air from behind the headlight and start sucking from next to their exhaust manifolds are actually losing power. I see it a lot in truck country as well. Lots of snake oils in the Auto performance world.

    1. Thanks for the advice, though I seemed to get a bit of a boost when I dropped a CAI in my Eclipse. Placebo effect though?

      I know what you mean about snake oil though - there's people willing to believe anything if it gives them an 'edge'.