Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mainstream Conservatives

Good for me, blogging once a day for a week. Let's see if I can keep up the pace.

In an argument today, someone pointed to 'mainstream conservatives' as the metric for what was okay and where to determine what was 'kooky'. Well, let's breakdown what so called mainstream conservatism is about? More wars for Israel, more immigration cause lah-tee-nos are 'natural conservatives' or some shit, talking about how gun rights are anti-slavery,  dismissing arguments against gay 'marriage', and eulogizing the communist backed MLK as some sort of ur-conservative.  Most of all, it is hoping that the mainstream media never ever calls you racist. 

The big problem with Romney was that the RNC went on about the electability of a northeastern liberal who passed an actual AWB, paid for abortions with state money, and wanted more illegal aliens.  How the fuck this was going to appeal to actual legit conservatives, I don't know, but there it was.  Meanwhile everytime he had a chance to burnish his conservative credentials: Chik-Fil-A, illegal immigration, flash mobs, you name it, what did he do? Give some bullshit comment full of weasel words and try to appease everything.  The only thing he went to the mat for was fucking more tax cuts for the ultra wealthy.

This was the joker who was going to beat Obama? In any other world, the Republican candidate would have trounced the incumbent who had a pathetic recovery that had been 'turning the corner' for the last four years and was still dealing with the Benghazi scandal, as well as Fast and Furious that led to the death of BPA Brian Terry. What ended up happening?  He listened to his consultants who got paid for wrecking his campaign.

These are the types of people that are 'mainstream' conservatives, basically going along with liberals as they enact insane policies, mumbling all the while "Hey uh...can we just slow down a little? Please?"  Look at this 'gang of eight' bullshit, with the Republicans desperately trying to wave around their bullshit 'enforcement plan' as some sort of equivalency to 20 million plus new Democratic voters. Are they out of their mind?

Meanwhile, anyone who starts noticing facts. Facts like that hispanics are not 'natural conservatives', that black run cities are dysfunctional, that Israel is not our friend, that the Left indeed wants to take our guns, that gay marriage is a mockery of what marriage actually is, well they get pilloried and demonized at the demand of the Left, and the mainstreamers are all too happy to comply.

And that's what is disgusting. You can say that a live baby on the table is a "choice between the woman and the doctor", that children "belong to the community", you can wave the bloody flag on a pile of dead children, and you'll never get fucking called on it if you're on the Left.  And our mainstream conservatives out there are too chicken shit to speak up, because then they might not get invited to the cocktail parties in the Imperial City.  Fucking disgusting.

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