Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In the News 5/14


Female rep claims that women need to be in charge for the species to survive. How's the last forty years of feminism worked out for us?  What we obviously need are more governments that are super emotional, ignore rational thought, and demand to constantly be the center of attention.  Is she delusional?


Believe what you like from a White House that claims the Salafist hardliners behind the majority of the Syrian rebels are the voice of democracy or some poetic nonsense.  Why the fuck we're using sky assassinations on al-Qaeda in one country while sending them body armor and medicine just goes to show no one knows what the fuck they're doing in this country.  We're children on the national stage while Turkey and Saudi Arabia work to clear out the Alawites and Christians from the historical Kingdom of Jerusalem. Meanwhile Israel frets about Iran and wonders why we don't commit more American lives to their interests.


Fancy Graham votes for surrender, as Senator Sessions attempts to limit foreigners from flooding into the United States when we reward them for arriving here illegally. Fucking disgusting, but nothing surprises me with these whores anymore. All the Republicans are doing is negotiating the terms of surrender before they flee to their Whitetopias.  The blood will be on all their fucking hands.

I know that there's a lot going on with the IRS going after conservatives, the DOJ wiretapping phones, and I've written about Benghazi.   This should be no surprise after Fast and Furious that resulted in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in a botched operation that no one was punished for.  I think the most surprising thing to many of them is that SOMEONE is calling them on their bullshit.  The DOJ wiretapping press conference was fucking hilarious, with Holder saying on and on how this was ONE OF THE MOST DAMAGING LEAKS EVER, NO HYPERBOLE, and when asked how this was so dangerous "uh I can't comment about that".  'Guys I know I run a racial revenge DOJ and I've got the blood of a Border Patrol Agent on my hands but trust me here."

Just like King Janet saying 'trust me I'll enforce the immigration laws double promise' what the fucking fuck ahahah oh this fucking country.

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