Saturday, May 4, 2013

"I'll Write the Wiki!"

I've noticed there is a tendency among many of the alternative right crowd to engage in navel gazing and existential thought while we're looking over the ledge to a societal crumble.  There's a time and a place for philosophical debate, but too often it seems like the egg heads on the right want to do this in the middle of a brawl to the death.  Either this, or they seem to relish the idea that we're all doomed, there's nothing you can do, here's my paypal account plz donate thanks.

I call it the "I'll write the wiki!" phenom, based off the prospenity of a certain forum to create super complex projects and instead of taking care of the gruntwork that's essential to task, everyone wants to do tertiary tasks that aren't really make or break to the project, just stupid status boosting exercises.  This manifests itself in the alt-right sphere with everyone wanting to try and one up each other writing long, often masturbatory posts about obscure dead German philosophers in order to show off to other philosophy majors who are writing long, masturbatory posts about obscure dead German philosophers.

While this might feel good and get you invited to AmRen conferences, in the real world it has a lot less relevance when your shit is getting broken into by 'urban youth', illegal aliens are driving down wages, and cultural marxists are busy raising your taxes to fund late term abortions for gender pivoting teenagers.  My problem with it is that more often than not wailing about how we're doomed or trying to apply Heidegger to modern problems means jack shit in the short term.

A recent relevant example was after Romney surrendered the election to Obama, you could tell that the so called 'mainstream conservative' wing (read: neocon globalists) were ramping up for another amnesty attempt.  Instead of trying to build a counter movement, a chorus of voices that presented an alternative to the 'invade the world, invite the world, in hoc to the world' horseshit of the last decade, the big argument among alt-right blogs was 'is the term 'Dark Enlightenment descriptive enough?'.

This was the time to start presenting intellectual arguments that held water, to move beyond conventional wisdom about "one race: THE HUMAN RACE" bullshit, and give people an intellectual structure that could provide a real world based series of counter arguments against the cultural marxist bullshit that infests our civilization.  Instead what happened? A bunch of status jockeying for what the name of the Kool Kid's Klub was going to be.

Of course, when you bring this up on other blogs, you get a lot of huffy "OH YEAH WHY DON'T YOU START A NATIONAL MOVEMENT THEN HUH?" responses.  Well first because I'm not the writer of a blog that's got 10 million plus hits over its lifetime, a published writer, possess the correct connections, or some combination of the three.  Ironically, it seems like the alt-right has a condescending response to Golden Dawn's successes in Greece because they're 'militant', whatever the fuck that means.

It mainly seems to mean that many on the alt-right refuse to get their hands dirty because they're intellectuals, not plebians, and the lumpenproles can do things like hand out blankets, run soup kitchens, drive Grandma to her appointment, and talk to veterans. Basically, all the shit that actually BUILDS a community as opposed to status seeking among your echo chamber.  Its why I think the work Matthew Heimbach is doing is so important, because he's trying to build a community as opposed to preaching to the choir for an attaboy.

Look at the Left: A bunch of ivory tower academics telling other people how to live their lives. Why the fuck do we need that on the Right as well?  Stop trying to pose as don't give a fuck iconoclasts and go out and build up your community through deeds.

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