Monday, May 13, 2013

Gosnell: Only the beginning?

So for those of you who don't listen to anything but the mainstream media, there was something of a big deal going on in Philadelphia today.  Kermit Gosnell, a butcher masquerading as a doctor, got 1st degree murder for snipping the spines of three newly born, living infants while they were on the delivery table when they were born during their attempted abortion.  I won't recount the house of horrors here - the bodies stuffed into refridgerators, the corpses tossed into trashbags, the body parts severed and preserved for some insane reason.  If you care to read it, there's plenty for you to delve into, I would just recommend a strong stomach

It wasn't just the charnel house atmosphere that was disgusting though, but the blase attitude of the Left that somehow this is why we needed MORE abortions.  It will never fail to amaze me how there is never a perversity left uncovered, never a fucking line that they can't cross in order to justify their insanity so the mental sandcastle they've built dosen't come crashing around their fucking ears.  Instead of pushing for more abortions, maybe we need to treat the rot at the source.  It was said the Gosnell was a provider of 'last resort' for poor and immigrant women.  Let's deal with the latter first: WHY THE FUCK ARE WE BRINGING POOR IMMIGRANTS OVER WHO CAN'T AFFORD BABIES WHEN REAL UNEMPLOYMENT IS TWENTY FUCKING PERCENT?  Who the fuck thinks this is a great idea?  I can't say its the first time someone thought bringing over other nationals to a country was a great idea.  The Normans were Vikings invited to France to beat up some other dude's enemies, and decided to stay because northern France beats the Nordic countries.  The same principle applies here: The Left is inviting in the indignant of the world in order to beat up on their enemies, Righty whities, and then thinks ahaha I'll be on the top of the pile in our Marxist utopia as opposed to everything going all Balkan.

With the track record of the Left in general, I wouldn't bet on that utopia.  I mean, look at what they've done to the black family.  With their handouts and 'war on poverty', they've fucking wrecked it by having government stand in for the father, and now bastardry (let's call it what it is, fuck that sterile term 'illegitimate') is over 90% among blacks.  You know, for all the shit the Left gives the war on drugs, you'd think the war on poverty would get some attention as well with all the money we're throwing at poor people, but they seem to keep on showing up. 

Does anyone want bastards and the issues that poverty brings? No, not at all, but instead of using the tools that have worked for hundreds of years (shame combined with morality), we've made a dog's breakfast out of it all and just believe throwing money at the issue will help things.  Liberals love to go on about how conservatives only care about the baby until its born, but that's not the fucking case - its that we don't want to double down on bad behavior. We don't want to negate consequences, unlike liberals who demand everyone get swaddled in bubble wrap and never feel the effect of any consequences.  Like Tolkien said: the burned hand teaches best.  The same thing with comparing the death penalty and abortion: you're comparing murderers to innocents, yet another false cognent the Left is so fucking good at using to muddle the issue.

Something else I learned today: apparently in New Mexico you can have abortions up to the day of birth.  This is the country we fought for?

Pope Francis was right when he said 'life is a path beset by wolves on all sides'.

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