Monday, May 27, 2013

Fail Brittania/Ivar's Heirs

So two black englishmen who converted to Islam chop up a British soldier on the streets of London, and the best that the nation who resisted the panzer juggernaut can do is stand around passively whipping out smartphones and taking pictures of the carnage.  Of course, the usual suspects talk about 'tragedy' and 'getting to the bother of it' when they're the motherfuckers responsible for the wave of immigration that brough this bullshit to their shores.

Meanwhile the police in Bristol are busy arresting people for...racist comments on social media.  This is the real problem in the UK, mind you.  Not that imams are declaring that beheading soldiers in the UK could be considered acceptable, but that someone is upset about muslims beheading soldiers in the country.  This is the sort of quisling bullshit that shows the society is broken, and that the police will deserve whatever happens to them when society finally breaks apart.

Speaking of quisling bullshit, Stockholm has been on fire for the past six days or so.  This hasn't been getting much play in the national media, because we're in the middle of our own immigration 'debate', if you can call the negotiated surrender the Senate is engaged in a debate.  Its very likely we'll get our own taste of a multicultural society, free of hate like the Swedes have as they passively show their belly to the Somali and Pakistani immigrants they imported enmasse. 

I call the Swedish response quisling because while the police have admitted to taking a 'passive' role in regards to the rioters burning down people's shit, they've apparently pulled out all the stops to deal with the native Swedes who are trying to protect their stuff from the rioters.  It goes without saying that these people are automatically labeled 'far-Right', 'neo-nazis', and the like while the rioters are simply referred to as 'non-native Swedes'.

Of course, the Europeans disarmed themselves for the greater good or some other nonsense, so they reap what they sow in this occasion with them being unable to protect themselves from a State that's more interested in holding onto power and submitting to the violent foreign element than it is protecting its native citizens.  The same elements of the Left here love to pretend amazement at how rigorously we protect our right to bear arms, and wonder at it while they wave the bloody flag on top of a pile of dead children. All we have to do is look across the Atlantic and see the diverse society Europe has built for itself smoldering under the weight of its own inane policies, and keep our guns closer for the day the State decides to come after us for racist messages on social networking.


  1. Liberals appear to be pathologically unable to realize or accept that the diverse people they embrace don't want to be their friends.

    Quite the contrary.

    It's like, wow, we met these fascinating cannibals and we are so cool and open minded that they're having us for dinner tonight.

    1. And like I told Edward on Colonel Lang's blog: Its evil 'nativism' when they come to Western countries, but its evil 'imperialism' when we go to their countries.

      Who the hell knew that Orwell was so damn prophetic?