Friday, May 24, 2013

Death of the Phoenix

I've been accused in the past of wanting to see everything burn, to look out my window and see a skyline of fire and to live a Mad Max fantasyland.  That's hardly the case, because the more I think about how a societal collapse would play out the more it worries me.  I can see the cracks that run through our society like fractures in a dried ball of mud, and know that anything that comes after a breakdown will not be a pleasant experience for anyone involved.

There are indeed people who want to see everything fall apart, for whatever reasons they have.  Perhaps they want to use up all that freeze dried food they bought, or they didn't want to bury a bunch of school buses underground for no reason.  Perhaps they indeed have their own Mad Max fantasies about being the Ayatollah of Rock 'n Rollah, but so be it.  There is a kind of delusion in hoping and wishing for the end right now, a thread of fatalism that runs through the alt-Right and says that no matter what lies on the other side, it can't be worst than what we have right now.

Eventually they might be right, but there's a difference between hoping for a tide of blood and fire and being resigned to it, which is where I am, and preparing accordingly.  I would much rather my child go to school in happy green fields, with a working educational system and power grid and without the threat of bandits coming in and raping everything that moves to death before stealing everyone's shit.

The paradox of civilization though is that eventually, as Spengler posited, it dies eventually.  We are indeed in a decline.  Much of 'mainstream' conservatism refuses to accept this, going on and on about 'America the Great', when the reality is that we have regressed as a society on so many levels.  As Colonel Lang told me: when he was a young man, it was a better time. There may have been the threat of nuclear devastation, but perhaps that looming threat made everyone sharper for it because the stakes were so much higher.

Now? We're a celebrity obsessed culture worshipping at the altars of tolerance, hedonism, and diversity.  The only thing that matters is never excluding anyone for anything ever (except racists and evil white conservative males who built this society) and making sure nothing ever interrupts whatever new dark delights we can create for ourselves.  We are in a hell of our own making, and the majority don't even know it.

In the face of this monstrosity, I can see why some would hope to come through the fire to something, anything better.  The forge burns away all impurities, after all, and the burned hand teaches best.  The phoenix does die, but is reborn.  We are in for a change - we cannot live as unnaturally as we do and expect anything else.  Looking at this fact in the face is a fearful thing, but we are better for it.  Denying this is as dangerous as hoping for it. 

It will take faith and fortitude to pass through what may come. G-d has made us in His image though, and we are built for punishment as well as great deeds.  Perhaps His blessing in these trials is to give us a suitable backdrop to become heroes appropriate for such times.

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