Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Creating a New Electorate

The immigration traitors continue their march towards turning America into a norte version of Brazil.  Its not quite surprising that the Republicans were looking for an excuse to betray their constituents and push for more immigration, since this seems to happen every few years. However, even the 180 degree turns that McCain and Flake (both Senators of my beloved Arizona) executed were quite audacious in light of the primaries.

McCain ran against the premise of amnesty in the face of a from the Right challenge by JD Hayworth, who called McCain on his tendency to say a bunch of hard words during election season and then promptly forget about them when he goes back to DC.  Flake also faced a from the Right challenge, in the form of businessman Wil Cardon.  Again, Flake was challenged on his immigration bonafides, and after running a devastating scorched earth campaign against Cardon and calling in all the Republican Party big shots, he got the Tea Party & Sarah Palin nod and won the primary.

Then the first big thing he does is push for more amnesty.

Again, I shouldn't be shocked - he's consistently been a whore for business, and its the industrialists who are pushing for this amnesty, as well as the refugee racket, the liberal religious wing, and all the others who can't wait to push a new electorate. 

The media does its part, of course, seeing as how many of the mouthpieces are organized by big business, with the NYT owned by Mexican millionaire Carlos Slim.  Slim is a telecommunications big shot, who owns a monopoly on fee per minute cell phones.  So the illegal aliens calling home telling Pedro and Jose to hurry up and come north are funding Slim's billions. 

Speaking of which, has it gotten quieter on the border?  Not really, seeing as how there's still hundred of pounds of dope bundles sacked up daily, still good sized groups crossing before the summer heat hits, and all the madness that comes with both.  You'd be deceived into thinking otherwise, since King Janet (Napalitano) loves to crow about 'most deportations ever'.

Let me break down that particular Big Lie.  What they've done is included apprehensions on the border, which are not true deportations.  If we were doing true deportations, the ICE/HSI office in Phoenix, San Diego, and across the rest of the nation wouldn't be busy spinning their wheels trying cases about counterfeit purses and trying to horn in on child pornography cases.  Meanwhile, King Janet claims his hands are 'tied' while they release dangerous illegal aliens into the surrounding (Republican) states because, oh em gee, sequestration.

There's also an issue with how those actual apprehensions are counted.  It used to be that there were three categories: Apprehensions, Turn Backs (Into Mexico) and Got Aways, all pretty self explanatory.  Well, they got rid of the "Got Aways" category, and if you caught two out of a group of ten, you apprehended two and turned back the other eight, even if you were 50 miles north of the border and close to a major interstate or residential area.  Cause that makes sense, right?

That brings me to another issue, the idea that fifty miles north of the border is 'too far' for immigration enforcement.  Have any of you looked at Google Maps and seen what the majority of the Southwest looks like outside of the urban areas? Personnel loads will hike 20 miles to a roadside, get picked up, and then cross country until they make it past the heavily enforced zones.  Dope loads will walk 50+ miles over a week to load out their dope, so no, shoving everyone up against the border is not an effective way of doing business.

The most disgusting thing about this immigration amnesty is the mercenary approach taken by the Republicans in the 'gang of 8'.  They've purposefully pushed forward as far as possible when the illegal aliens are able to vote, so they can retire and set up their little gated communities while the rest of us get to deal with their results of their treachery.  That tells me they KNOW this entire business is going to be fucked, but they don't care. 

Its also amazing the raw animosity at conservative, white America, and how if we don't want to be supplanted by the Third World, how we're a bunch of evil racists and our opinions don't matter.  If you want to see something fun, look at the last names of all the writers demanding we submit to what our Fantasy Island overlords (those living in the NYC-CHI-LA axis) know is better for us.

Do you think they'd want the same immigration policy for Israel? Nah, they're just busy building the giant fences they're always telling us never worked to keep out 'illegal infiltrators' while we're expected to regard America as the dumping ground for the world's refuse instead of a country.

I've said it before, but this kind of mass resettlement has two end results: segregation (which will be met with weepy weeping and people waving around Brown v Board of Education), or ethnic cleansing, which will end in a whole lot of blood.

That blood is on your hands, Senators, you and the rest of the traitors trying to turn your elected positions into a aristocracy.  However, as Jefferson said: "The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants and traitors."

No despots. No tyrants.

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