Wednesday, May 8, 2013


"If Jodi Arias had killed an ambassador, perhaps the media would have covered it."

While today was a pretty big news day, this statement rings rather true.  While almost all the major media networks were talking about the expected verdict of the Jodi Arias trial, bombshells were being ignored over at the Congressional hearing about the Benghazi incident. Some of the revealations included: the whole cloth invention of the evil Youtube video being responsible, someone cancelling a SOCOM reinforcement flight, and the punishment of whistleblowers by this administration that knows it can get away with whatever it wants to.

The level of dissembling by the Democrats on the panel was unsurprising. Cunningham talking about "Death being a part of life" as if he's making some sort of philosophical breakthrough.  Several other Dems reading off talking point style memos, and tugging at the edges of the narrative, but nothing substantial, and attempting to push the blame on imaginary budget cuts. Remember, this was a State Department that could drop millions on Chevy Volts and charging stations to 'fight climate change' for fuck's sake.

So the things to take away from these hearings was that: two 'stand down' orders were given, but no idea who from (yet). The Youtube video claim was a complete fabrication.  Remember, a man went to prison based off a very liberal interpretation of a parole violation. Meanwhile Boss Holder refuses to prosecute banks doing piddling shit like manipulating the LIBOR rate because it'll damage the economy, or something.  The State Department Counsel to Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, told staff don't talk to investigators.

I don't get the argument that THERE WAS NO WAY SOMEONE COULD HAVE MADE IT THERE IN TIME when no one knew how long the attack was going to go on for.  Of course, with the stories about this Special Operations team in Tripoli, its kind of moot that no one could 'make it'.  It seems more like killing our former jihadi allies who raped Qaddafi to death would ruin the entire idea of an "Arab Spring" of peaceful democracy.  Instead, maybe people would realise that you can't turn people into Ohio Democrats by screaming 'DEMOCRACY' at them and hoping they drink enough Coca-Cola to become 'Western'.

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