Thursday, May 23, 2013

Aztlan Rising

With the Senate raising the white flag to our new brown underclass, I thought I'd take the time to point out some of the victims of the Left's drive for diversity at all costs.  These martyrs have been buried under the press about 'new Americans' and glowingly talking about our 'nation of immigrants' while we are hammered with that fucking poem about 'huddled masses' over and over again instead of thinking rationally about the ramifications in regards to importing the Third World to our country.

We're not supposed to notice things like that though.  We're supposed to believe in the failed and idiotic 'blank slate' theory which is a keystone of the Left's insane religion of egalitarianism, and if you point out that no we're not all born equal then you're a horrible racist who deserves to be burned on the stake.  When I see our elected Senators negotiating the terms of surrender even though they're being told by the people who sent them to DC that they do NOT want amnesty, all they can do is talk about 'fixing' the problem by making an amnesty. This is the 1986 IIRC in redux.

Who suffers? Not Megan McCain, who I get to listen to on the radio talking about what a great job her dad is doing while she fucks around in Scottsdale.  Not the rest of these motherfuckers who talk about 'jobs Americans won't do' while paying a pittance for yardwork and the rest of us get to subsidize their social benefits (welfare, child care, health care). 

Those of us who don't live in whitopias and get to secrete themselves from the diversity they claim to love so much, we're the ones who suffer.  We deal with the crime they bring with them (look up the Chandler Rapist, a thrice deported illegal alien who got the bright idea to start following teenage girls home from school to rape them).  The family of Officer Darryl Raetz, killed by an illegal alien after a hit and run, they get to suffer.  The illegal was later picked up during a felony drug bust - great diversity.  The family of Sergeant Dwayne Polk, they get to suffer after a drunk illegal alien plowed into him. These are the names of the people who have been forgotten as our 'elite' drives on in the name of diversity, sacrificing whoever the fuck gets in the way in the name of their fucked, bloody religion.

Maybe one day we'll remember those who died while our 'leadership' told us to go fuck off while they tried to replace us with a more pliable electorate.  They will be on a roll of honor, and we'll note them for the fact they died while those responsible fiddled with more 'STEM visas' when the world was burning down around our ears.  Until then all we can do is tighten our shot groups, and wait for the moment when those who are responsible for this shit have to answer for what they've done.


  1. I remember all of that aztlan shit from my years in Tucson. I guess the reality of the vision is understood by the reality of society south of 22nd street. Wonderful! If that's beaner paradise, they can keep it and preferably keep it in Mexico.

    looked at your profile....Hand 2 hand, boxing, combat pistol, etc.....your interests are the same as my younger self's.

    Keep up the good work. I hope your blog attracts more readers. I think you have something important to say and have the balls to say it.

    no one

    1. I was in Tucson today. Most of the city looks a damn mess with tatted out malcontents wandering around, no where to go and no where to be. Traffic is still a damn mess with no hope of improvement anytime soon. No rhyme or reason, just random llanteras next to casitas and carnecerias.

      I find, as I'm sure you have, that stuggling against yourself and others is the road to discovery and improvement. I'm grateful you found my blog enjoyable, and thank you for the high praise. I only hope to G-d that when it counts I can continue to say what must be said, and that I can leverage it so that it will mean something.

  2. oh, forgot to add, I see you seek to improve your horsemanship. I am a horseman as well (TBs for the track). Used to barrel race. My wife was an exercise jock at Saratoga. I own a small horse farm where we breed, break and start racers. My wife still does some dressage and jumping. I just play the role of crash dummy when breaking and enjoy the jogging and galloping once they're coming along.

    1. I have a high respect for both your physical capacities then. there's nothing easy about horseback riding, and it always leaves me feeling wrung out like I just sparred a ten rounder, but thankfully without the punch drunk feeling. My wife's family does dressage and jumping, but she cannot stand them. I'm looking into getting my own horse when I finally get my property, probably quarter or morgan though. my instinct tells me that having this skill handy could be useful in the future.

    2. Good luck with your property hunt (I read your blog on that). A quarter horse is a good choice; far more mellow and typically easier keepers. If your horse has some Arabian in it, it will do even better in the AZ heat. I used to keep a couple of quarter horse/arab crosses at the end of Tanque Verde Rd. Used to ride up into the Rincons and all over the national monument. Later we moved to Woodland Rd where we actually had pasture.

      I miss my Tucson home, but one of the reasons we decided to move East was the issues you note with the town. They seemed to be getting worse.

      Yes, riding can be something of a workout. My wife rides almost every day and she has really kept her figure over all these years. Just this last year my back has started to bother me a lot and my activity level has declined. I can't run any more due to the back and occasional knee soreness. I put on 20 pounds around my midsection. Getting old stinks.

      Now that my son is home from the wars I have someone to kick my ass in the gym. He has encouraged me to put a heavy bag back up in the garage. He likes to remind me of what I used to tell him, "Pain is weakness leaving the body".

      Any how, enough of my ramblings. I may not comment often, but I will be reading your blog.

    3. Just got back a counter offer today: 1K less than the original asking price. What a joke - curious to see how all this works out all the same, but this seller just reeks of thinking he's a bartering master because he watched a real estate show on TLC.

      The quarter horses are a good solid breed, and I had a spot of riding that saw me doing barrels at a lope. Or at least trying to, because she said afterwards she wasn't sure how I hung on. I didn't even think about looking for one with an Arabian thread added in - thank you for that advice!

      I plan on taking any horse into the White Tanks, the Superstitions, Sedona, and all the rest. Some of that land you mentioned looks beautiful though, and that's one of the wonderful things about Arizona: there's so many hidden pockets.

      Its ironic you left Arizona because it was getting so bad - being out here I don't think I could go back East because of how liberal it seems to have gotten (at least in the Northeast). Free citizens disarming themselves, allowing illegal aliens in, and taxing the hell out of everything. What a mess.

      Pain is weakness leaving the body, until you blow out a knee trying to squat six hundred pounds. Be safe with your lifting, and take it slow, even though I'm sure you are. My best advice is make sure to loosen your shoulders by taking a ten pound weight and swinging your arm in a circle. It will save your rotator cuff.

      I will continue to try and write things worth reading, and hope you enjoy my insights. I will appreciate your comments, as this discourse has been entertaining.

  3. I did not know what it was like "back East". I saw all of these Norman Rockwell-esque little towns and thought, "How charming and how refreshingly white"

    Boy did I have a surprise in store.

    I hear you on the cautions re; heavy lifting. I always warm up with stretches I obtained from my days in Chinese martial arts (generically know as kung fu). Mostly though I am old school in my workouts. Chest day consists of 300 -400 pushups, 50 -60 dips and 100 to 150 flies with light weight. Legs is squat thrusts, lunges and side thrusts with maybe a 20 pound weight in each hand. Back is lots of chin ups and pull ups - maybe 100 - 150. I can't do situps some days because of lower back issues, but there is still flutter kicks and watching bozo.

    Favorite workout though is the heavy bag, especially with weighted gloves. I have a softened bag at home that allows me to add in kicks, knee and elbow strikes - i.e. punch, continue to step in and roll the extended punching arm into an elbow strike in one smooth motion. If the bag is too firm, you can start to develop tendonitis from the elbows and knees over time. Sometimes I get a little crazy and practice a couple of head butts as well on the bag. The head strike (your forehead to the bridge of the opponents nose) is a very effective technique in close up fighting that is usually overlooked because it is too weird or something.