Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Man whoa calm down"

Going to mellow a little bit this post, because while the rage is all well and good, I've got other things going on as well that I'd like to talk about. I'm sure we'll be back to our regular three minute hate soon enough.  I'm over a 1000 views now, so thanks for reading guys.  I'll try to keep pushing out stuff that's worthwhile to read. 

First off, I bought a Jeep Cherokee for a song.  It needed a bit of work to the radiator and water pump, and I had to throw some new tires on it, but it'll be a fun project vehicle.  I'm making plans to throw on a new exhaust manifold (mine is leaking) and "bombproof" rubber motor mounts at the same time.  This is the first time I've owned something I can really haul stuff in and it just feels like a good fit.  I like the power of the ride - its the 4.0L I6, which runs like a fucking tractor engine and keeps on going. 

We're planning to take my cousin up into the northern forests of Arizona and do some camping and tooling around in the new 4X4.  I'll have the wife take the camera and post some photos from our adventure.  I've never been a fan of the sort of camping where you're five seconds away from an electrical hookup and showers, so we'll be roughing for a night.  Last time we went camping, we hiked out six miles over a 4000 foot climb before getting rained on the entire time.  Hopefully this time will be less eventful, hah hah.

I've always wanted to be better with my hands and building things, and hopefully this Cherokee will be very forgiving about it all.  I've got some projects lined up in mind (air intake, suspension stuff, other small things) and give it a shot.  I'm looking forward in a few weekends to turning a wrench and busting a few knuckles while getting all dirtied up.

The world continues to burn though.  Syria received its missiles from Russia, and Israel threatens retaliation.  IRSGate continues to grow as Holder's media 'handling' blows up in his face.  It'll be an interesting couple of weeks.

I'm going to do some more writing here soon.  I'll post what I got when I get a minute to write things down.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"The only cure for decadent liberals is a bullet"

Its the truth. 

I've posted before how a lot of the 'pros' to liberals in regards to immigration come from the hedonistic pleasure drive.  The idea that you get 'authentic' burritos and cheap housekeeping/lawn care for free is a lie.  There's a social cost born by the rest of us that don't go downtown to eat Oaxacan inspired cuisine and don't mind taking an hour to mow our lawn, but this never factors into the equation.

Now we've got the winner of the Cannes film festival depicting a sexual relationship between a fifteen year old girl and an older woman.  Reading the articles about the choice, Speilberg said the fact that it was a lesbian relationship played nothing into his decision.  I'm sure.  I also notice the careful way the news tip toes around the issue at hand - the depicted pedophilia - as simply 'lesbian' and throws in a lot of adjectives about how brave it is.

What we are seeing now is an attempt to whitewash pedophilia by Hollywood, who gave homosexuality the same treatment and now look where we are.  We were laughed at for saying that legitimizing homosexual relations would open the door to all sorts of sexual deviancy.  "No! All gays are fun, well dressed gays like on Sex and the City, Will and Grace, and everything else that Hollywood pumps into our houses! It was that evil homophobe Reagan who ignored AIDS!"

The reality is that the bath houses of the Castro Distict were a real thing, and the homosexuals themselves didn't give a shit because they were too busy getting while the getting is good.  You wouldn't know that from watching Netflix with the 1200 or so documentaries with doe eyed boys talking about what a shock AIDS was.  You can't be blamed for not knowing that 'rough trade' is a real thing, or that homosexual monogamy among men is non-existant.  These are all hatefacts, and so to talk about them is to invite the BURN THE WITCH response from the Left.

So what now with pedophiles?  Well, Slate is talking around the Kaitlyn Hunt piece, as it becomes apparent she wasn't an innocent little girl who did everything for luff but instead a girl who seemed to be trouble: fighting and fucking with equal aplomb.  I've seen articles arguing that consent laws are just 'social constructs' as opposed to rules of behavior we've created over generations because they're the most effective way of living.  Of course, most of the people arguing for this are childless cosmopolitans, but I'm sure there's a few writers who are fine with some random adult fucking their child because 'their child is VERY mature'.

These parents are just as guilty as those who offered their child up to Baal in flames, sacrificing them for some imagined benefit.  The problem is they want us to sacrifice our children as well, and when we refuse we're called "bigots", "homophobes", "hateful", and eventually "pedophobes".  However, people tend to be pretty protective of their children.  Liberals will talk until their blue about 'equality' and 'diversity' but damned if they don't stay away from neighborhoods with 'bad schools' (double secret liberal code talk for school of vibrancy with a high amount of minorities).

So this flirting with pedophilia might be fun for a while, in some quarters ( I doubt you will ever see this in Dixie and outlying territories), but eventually the hurt will begin to show and then the decadent liberals who have pushed so hard to rape children and sate every lust they have free of consequence  will get the hot lead cure they so rightly deserve.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

When I went to the funeral of my friend Carl (murdered in cold blood by a fellow airman), I stood at his open casket and said these lines of poetry:

"Lift not my head from this bloody ground/
 Nor bear my body home/
 For all the earth is Roman earth/
 And I shall die in Rome"

This is from the Ballad of the White Horse, by G.K. Chesterton, about the exploits of King Alfred the Great.  For me, it is the last two lines that resonate with me: For all the earth is Roman earth/ And I shall die in Rome.  Perhaps it is the power of the declaration (The world is Roman), but there is something great in those words.

Eventually, the Memorial Days will pass and my children will ask me what I did during the war. Perhaps they will be satisfied with knowing I was there and there will be a few years of Happy Memorial Day cards from them before it no longer has the aura of the unknown it once did.  There's the other fork though.  They will not be happy with "Daddy was in the Army" and want to know where I was, what I did, and most importantly why I did it.

The why of the thing is always the crux - Why does one pick up a rifle and go to war?  Colonel Lang speaks eloquently about "hearing the soldier's drum" and of a family tradition, and that makes sense as well as being poetic.  However in my case there was no family tradition, but I did hear the drumbeat as our nation twisted in war, and saw an opportunity.

It was an opportunity to break free of the numbing effect that staying home has on one, it was the electrifying shock of a challenge met.  It was the pride that stiffens the spine after one has taken their actions and thrown it in the teeth of your naysayers.  It was the chance to be something else and be something better, and to have something that no one could ever take away from you.

I imagine it was all that and more that led me to the Infantry when the Army wished for me to be a nuclear reactor & chemical weapons operator. How does one explain the Infantry with its threat of violence underneath everything we did?  How do you explain the various personalities that make it up?  The person who wanted to do 'Army stuff' is standing next to the guy who watched too many movies and is finding that reality is a lot less attractive is friends with the secret coward who doesn't get along with the guy with something to prove.  It was never as cut and dry as the movies would have you believe.

The squad of mortars I belonged to, they were never automatons as is so often predicted, but neither were they high speed Delta Force operators ironically quipping about everything with gallows humor.  We were simply Blackfoot Thunder; or to break it down further, 2 gun.  A disgruntled Puerto Rican and a too smart for his own good asshole who had yet to learn discretion, led by a sergeant who couldn't wait to be the fuck out of there.  That all didn't matter though, when the bullets were flying and for those moments were weren't individuals but a terrible machine of wrath.  Our bodies moved with every motion being one of perfection, no fumbles or breaks, and we not only looked the gorgon in the eye but we spit in it as well.

Perhaps that is why so many of us find ourselves in professions of violence, because we are forever searching for that moment where your body is so perfectly yours that nothing can stand before you.  I know I feel it in boxing, the distant-yet-plugged-in feeling where everything comes together.  Of course there's the other side of things as well - that in looking for that feeling, some of my comrades never find it again.  Perhaps that is so many of them have taken their lives in one final act of violence, looking for answers down the barrel of a gun because they did not find them in this life.

So what can I tell my children about the madness and the joy, the passion and the grief? They will never understand it unless they have been there, so I will tell them that Daddy picked up a rifle and fought, and if they are still curious I will try to explain the why.

Fail Brittania/Ivar's Heirs

So two black englishmen who converted to Islam chop up a British soldier on the streets of London, and the best that the nation who resisted the panzer juggernaut can do is stand around passively whipping out smartphones and taking pictures of the carnage.  Of course, the usual suspects talk about 'tragedy' and 'getting to the bother of it' when they're the motherfuckers responsible for the wave of immigration that brough this bullshit to their shores.

Meanwhile the police in Bristol are busy arresting people for...racist comments on social media.  This is the real problem in the UK, mind you.  Not that imams are declaring that beheading soldiers in the UK could be considered acceptable, but that someone is upset about muslims beheading soldiers in the country.  This is the sort of quisling bullshit that shows the society is broken, and that the police will deserve whatever happens to them when society finally breaks apart.

Speaking of quisling bullshit, Stockholm has been on fire for the past six days or so.  This hasn't been getting much play in the national media, because we're in the middle of our own immigration 'debate', if you can call the negotiated surrender the Senate is engaged in a debate.  Its very likely we'll get our own taste of a multicultural society, free of hate like the Swedes have as they passively show their belly to the Somali and Pakistani immigrants they imported enmasse. 

I call the Swedish response quisling because while the police have admitted to taking a 'passive' role in regards to the rioters burning down people's shit, they've apparently pulled out all the stops to deal with the native Swedes who are trying to protect their stuff from the rioters.  It goes without saying that these people are automatically labeled 'far-Right', 'neo-nazis', and the like while the rioters are simply referred to as 'non-native Swedes'.

Of course, the Europeans disarmed themselves for the greater good or some other nonsense, so they reap what they sow in this occasion with them being unable to protect themselves from a State that's more interested in holding onto power and submitting to the violent foreign element than it is protecting its native citizens.  The same elements of the Left here love to pretend amazement at how rigorously we protect our right to bear arms, and wonder at it while they wave the bloody flag on top of a pile of dead children. All we have to do is look across the Atlantic and see the diverse society Europe has built for itself smoldering under the weight of its own inane policies, and keep our guns closer for the day the State decides to come after us for racist messages on social networking.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Who shall salt the earth this time?

Some of you may have heard of this, but if not let me break it down for you.  Down in Florida, there's a case involving a young lady named Kaitlyn Hunt, who was busy engaging in a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl.  The original report made it out to be all about 'tru luv', with Juliet and Juliet having started dated when Kaitlyn was 17 and the unknown girl was 15.  If you believe the proponents behind the FreeKate 'campaign', this was all about evil religious bigots hating on homosexuals, and since homosexuality is totally awesome according to the Narrative then these people have no right to interfere in their daughter's fingerbanging ways.

Problem is that if it was 'tru luv' it started in a high school bathroom where 18 year old (not 17 year old) Kaitlyn finger banged the unknown female when she was 14 years old (not 15, as was originally reported).  After asking the adult Ms. Hunt to knock off the sexual predation of their daughter twice, their daughter runs away one night to Ms. Hunt's house.  Waking up and discovering their daughter missing, they assume the worst (abduction!) until the truth comes out. Then they call the police on this preadator.

The post's title references the act the Romans took after crushing Carthage for the last time - salting the earth so nothing would grow. I bring up Carthage because they sacrificed their children to their gods to fulfill some insane mandate.  Here in America, the expectation in 2013 is that we do the same thing for our insane mandate of diversity dressed up as 'love'.  It is amazing how our 'elites' will continue to drive towards whatever new hedonism they can devise in order to keep their ideological house of cards from crushing them. 

In this case, they expect us to sacrifice our children in the name of diversity and tolerance by offering them up for the predation of sexual predators, hiding behind post-modernist reasoning ("18 is an arbitrary number!") and flimsy science ("Uh people mature at 12 now so why shouldn't they be allowed to have adult relationships").  This two prong attack not only attempts to legitimize yet another fucking sexual sickness, but also attempts to break up the family by injecting the influence and sexuality of a random adult in the parent-child relationships.  Why do I have to listen to what Mom and Dad say about bedtimes when I can go over to my boyfriend who's got his own house and stay with him?

Remember, NAMBLA marched with homosexuals 'pride' parades back in the 60s and 70s until faggots got wise to the idea that the straights might not be down with bearded leather daddies buggering their kids. However, with our national suicide pact with diversity no matter what, who knows where this ends.  In a reasonable society, someone shooting a child predator would be given a fucking medal, but watch for it to become the next 'gay bashing' and civil rights event to rally around.  Can't wait to see the push for tv shows displaying the true love between a 'mature' 15 year old Ellen Page sort with all sorts of witty quips and her interracial 19 year old girlfriend and the evil racist religious homophobes who want to keep them apart.

How fucking disgusting is this? Will the clergy come out against this as well?  Or will we be treated to more perversions of Christ's words going on and on about 'love' as if its the highest virtue of Christianity.  No, you rent seeking, pew sucking fuckers, the core concept of Christianity is that we were sanctified by Christ's blood and through him we may achieve the Kingdom.  This bullshit about 'love' is just dressing up perversion.  Perhaps Paul the Apostle was right when he said 'it is better to marry than to burn'. 

So will America bow to their ivory tower overlords and allow them to sate their sexual deviancies on the children?  Or will we instead call it a bridge too far and burn their fuckdens around their ears with them inside of them? Only time will tell - with the average American wallowing in hedonism, who knows what the future holds.

Edit: Some links that I forgot to add. Justification for pedophilia because... SCIENCE!

Both are in regards to the Kaitlyn Hunter sex predator story.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Death of the Phoenix

I've been accused in the past of wanting to see everything burn, to look out my window and see a skyline of fire and to live a Mad Max fantasyland.  That's hardly the case, because the more I think about how a societal collapse would play out the more it worries me.  I can see the cracks that run through our society like fractures in a dried ball of mud, and know that anything that comes after a breakdown will not be a pleasant experience for anyone involved.

There are indeed people who want to see everything fall apart, for whatever reasons they have.  Perhaps they want to use up all that freeze dried food they bought, or they didn't want to bury a bunch of school buses underground for no reason.  Perhaps they indeed have their own Mad Max fantasies about being the Ayatollah of Rock 'n Rollah, but so be it.  There is a kind of delusion in hoping and wishing for the end right now, a thread of fatalism that runs through the alt-Right and says that no matter what lies on the other side, it can't be worst than what we have right now.

Eventually they might be right, but there's a difference between hoping for a tide of blood and fire and being resigned to it, which is where I am, and preparing accordingly.  I would much rather my child go to school in happy green fields, with a working educational system and power grid and without the threat of bandits coming in and raping everything that moves to death before stealing everyone's shit.

The paradox of civilization though is that eventually, as Spengler posited, it dies eventually.  We are indeed in a decline.  Much of 'mainstream' conservatism refuses to accept this, going on and on about 'America the Great', when the reality is that we have regressed as a society on so many levels.  As Colonel Lang told me: when he was a young man, it was a better time. There may have been the threat of nuclear devastation, but perhaps that looming threat made everyone sharper for it because the stakes were so much higher.

Now? We're a celebrity obsessed culture worshipping at the altars of tolerance, hedonism, and diversity.  The only thing that matters is never excluding anyone for anything ever (except racists and evil white conservative males who built this society) and making sure nothing ever interrupts whatever new dark delights we can create for ourselves.  We are in a hell of our own making, and the majority don't even know it.

In the face of this monstrosity, I can see why some would hope to come through the fire to something, anything better.  The forge burns away all impurities, after all, and the burned hand teaches best.  The phoenix does die, but is reborn.  We are in for a change - we cannot live as unnaturally as we do and expect anything else.  Looking at this fact in the face is a fearful thing, but we are better for it.  Denying this is as dangerous as hoping for it. 

It will take faith and fortitude to pass through what may come. G-d has made us in His image though, and we are built for punishment as well as great deeds.  Perhaps His blessing in these trials is to give us a suitable backdrop to become heroes appropriate for such times.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Aztlan Rising

With the Senate raising the white flag to our new brown underclass, I thought I'd take the time to point out some of the victims of the Left's drive for diversity at all costs.  These martyrs have been buried under the press about 'new Americans' and glowingly talking about our 'nation of immigrants' while we are hammered with that fucking poem about 'huddled masses' over and over again instead of thinking rationally about the ramifications in regards to importing the Third World to our country.

We're not supposed to notice things like that though.  We're supposed to believe in the failed and idiotic 'blank slate' theory which is a keystone of the Left's insane religion of egalitarianism, and if you point out that no we're not all born equal then you're a horrible racist who deserves to be burned on the stake.  When I see our elected Senators negotiating the terms of surrender even though they're being told by the people who sent them to DC that they do NOT want amnesty, all they can do is talk about 'fixing' the problem by making an amnesty. This is the 1986 IIRC in redux.

Who suffers? Not Megan McCain, who I get to listen to on the radio talking about what a great job her dad is doing while she fucks around in Scottsdale.  Not the rest of these motherfuckers who talk about 'jobs Americans won't do' while paying a pittance for yardwork and the rest of us get to subsidize their social benefits (welfare, child care, health care). 

Those of us who don't live in whitopias and get to secrete themselves from the diversity they claim to love so much, we're the ones who suffer.  We deal with the crime they bring with them (look up the Chandler Rapist, a thrice deported illegal alien who got the bright idea to start following teenage girls home from school to rape them).  The family of Officer Darryl Raetz, killed by an illegal alien after a hit and run, they get to suffer.  The illegal was later picked up during a felony drug bust - great diversity.  The family of Sergeant Dwayne Polk, they get to suffer after a drunk illegal alien plowed into him. These are the names of the people who have been forgotten as our 'elite' drives on in the name of diversity, sacrificing whoever the fuck gets in the way in the name of their fucked, bloody religion.

Maybe one day we'll remember those who died while our 'leadership' told us to go fuck off while they tried to replace us with a more pliable electorate.  They will be on a roll of honor, and we'll note them for the fact they died while those responsible fiddled with more 'STEM visas' when the world was burning down around our ears.  Until then all we can do is tighten our shot groups, and wait for the moment when those who are responsible for this shit have to answer for what they've done.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I'm starting up the home buying process again.  Nice little property, but damned if there isn't something wrong with the water (nitrates) that makes me wonder how badly the VA is going to hammer that.  I can still remember how stressed out I was the last time around, and here I am doing it again.  I'll just have to put my faith in G-d and hope for the best.

Two Muslims hacked an UK soldier to death while shouting "Allah Ackbar!", saying that this was their land and demanding the end of the government.  A lot of noise and hand waving from the usual suspects in the UK leadership about how terrorism has no place, blah blah blah.  The reality of the situation is these are the same people who are responsible for a soldier of the UK being hacked to the death in the middle of the capital city of the country he was serving.  Those fat fuckers in Labor, UK Conservatives, and the rest of them are delusional if they think they don't have that soldier's blood on their hands.  Labor just admitted, after years of denying it, that they traveled to countries seeking more immigration so they could 'create a new electorate'. 

Now that fucking disgrace has made its way across the oceans, and in the Imperial City the Senate prepares to raise a white flag to the world, insisting that America means nothing more than unbridled consumerism and hedonism and a dumping place for the human floatsam of the world. So there's an abortion of a bill they've passed through committee, the one where the racial greivance lobby chanted "Si, se puede" while that fucking cunt Leahy smiled indulgently, and its disgusting.  The country that so many fought, died, and believed in is on sale to the highest bidder as the lobbies of various countries try to get various visas set aside for their country. A city of whores spreading their legs to the highest bidder, while those of us in the real world will get fucked by it. This is America in 2013.

This hate, this digust I feel for people is not normal, but it is there and I cannot deny it.  I'm no fool, I know many on the other side of the aisle feel the same way of me and my allies.  For a country though, it is not normal.  There is a feeling in the air, a conflux of forces that only needs a spark to set it all off. No one saw Fort Sumter as the thing that set off the Civil War.  What will do it this time?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tell it to the Afghanis

Something I see a lot on leftist websites and discussion boards in regards to gun control is "You dumb rednecks can't fight a modern army with stealth bombers so why do you need assault weapons".  This argument is often made by fat neckbeards with no experience in the military outside of reading a lot of blogs and ignores recent history, specifically the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq where ragtag peasants managed to bleed out the world's most advanced army.

I've been studying guerilla warfare recently through reading texts by the geniuses of this particular form of combat. Mao, Giap, and Guevera all have fascinating insights that share the same overarching principals (don't group up, beware of holding ground, retreat rather then fight to the end, the enemy is your supply chain) while adding in interesting tidbits that I might not have thought about. Che in particular goes on and on about the importance of footwear.  In a first world army where boots are a supply sergeant away, it doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you're fighting the war of the flea, you march on your feet.

Back to the neckbeards, they ignore that you can have the fanciest jets, billion dollar carriers, and all the rest of the high tech shit, but if you can't control the ground, you've got shit.  When I was in Afghanistan and Iraq, we controlled where our footprint was.  Anything outside of that was a 'maybe' at best.  Do they think that the southrons from flyover Red America that they hate so much are just going to turn on their own people in the name of 'progress'?

This mental hypocrisy shouldn't be a surprise for anyone familiar with how the Left thinks. Its simply a series of compartments that have little interaction with each other beyond 'isms' and viewed through a pop culture filter.  They have no idea what guerilla warfare is about, but the military they despise when its killing Salafists is the same military that they think is going to turn on its own people en masse.  They view anyone not in the NYC-Chicago-LA axis as a fat, out of shape, idiot with too many guns who drives a hoverround and bitches about the government hands in their medicare because that's what the media tells them.  The idea that the skills of a successful guerilla and a successful hunter overlap never occurs to them as they pen another screed from the ivory tower, imagining a new diverse Army of lowered standards and female infantry will sweep the board.

The new dawn will be a red one, but not from any sort of Marxism, but with the bloody circumstances they've set up.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Looking for a Home

I'm not sure if I documented here, but the last home I wanted to buy fell through.  The lender (Wells Fargo) decided after the VA refused to adjust the appeal that the property was suddenly too risky and backed out, leaving me in a pickle.  How they suddenly noticed sixty two days into the loan that the property was near a commercial zone I don't know, but then again I'm not busy wrecking the US economy.

The VA was no help, with the appraiser admitting that he had no clue how to appraise the property correctly and then low balling me by $12.5 on the appraised price.  When I appealed that and wrote to McCain's office for help, pointing out the various errors and descrepancies between the report and reality (mainly missing a lot of stuff on the property), I got silence until the refusal to adjust.  The VA claims that its just looking to 'protect veterans' but after five minutes on the internet it looks like the VA just doens't want to back loans because fuck if I know.

The housing market in Phoenix is blowing up as well while rich foreigners, mainly Canucks, are buying houses for cash as an investment.  Detailed on Naked Capitalism, it points out how the original high price for rentals was a function of scarce supply, and the mass amount of rentals are just going ruin the reason people are getting into the market. Meanwhile, if you're looking for a place to live with a traditional mortgage (or if you're a masochist, a VA home loan), you're shit out of luck.

Thankfully, I'm in something of a specialized market since I'm looing for a farmlet with some land, and right now the hot commodities are 3 bd 2 bath houses in the Valley.  The only issue is the VA sending out a wacko appraiser and deciding that the property we like (gorgeous, btw) is only worth like 100K or something.  I don't want to get excited because while there is so much potential there, shit has happened in the past as I well know and all I need to do is get my hopes up only for them to come crashing back down to earth.

Whoops cartels in Oregon

So much for the 'border is secure' bullshit that King Janet loves to push everytime she's in front of Congress.  This kind of shit has spread all over the country because we lack the will to deal with the issue.  Bringing illegal aliens 'out of the shadows' or any other poetic bullshit you want to use isn't going to stop these people.  You have to take away the sea the fish swim in.  Get rid of the illegals here stealing jobs from citizens, and you're going to take away the MS-13 gangbangers as well.

I see we've arrested another immigrant who came here from Central Asia to teach other would be terrorists how to kill Americans.  I'm not sure if he was a refugee or not, but what the fuck exactly are we getting from being the grease trap of the world?  We can barely find out if the Chechen commando crew was on the dole (which they were!), and this incident seems like its being thrown down the memory hole as well.

The second piece, by the way, is more "immigrants love America!" horseshit that shows we can't see the fucking forest for the trees. Meanwhile we've got cartels killing each other in American cities, 'refugees' from the Middle East and Central Asia killing US citizens for Allah, but hey here's an article by some liberal journo telling us how great immigration is. What the fuck ever happened to telling the truth?

Oh yeah, Jason Richwine demonstrated that.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thoughtcrime, Redux

The amazing thing about the entire Richwine non-scandal was how busy everyone was clutching their pearls and going into full on 'point and sputter' mode. To be fair, I shouldn't say it was amazing because this has been the Left's tactic since the 60s whenever someone points out the massive gaping hole in their logic.  However, the complex ideological house of cards they've built up to justify not only the insanity they believe in, but also to push it on the rest of us makes me wonder what world they live in

Honestly though, what world do rich white liberals live in?  They live in gated little whitopias where they send their one child to a carefully selected kindergarten with carefully screened minority classmates.  They watch Law and Order (where every DA is a white female, every judge a black female, and every criminal an evil white frowning man) or Glee (where homosexuality is happy and fun and about neat clothes and not gift giving parties and eating a gun eventually).

Their paradigm is fucked, in other words.  The world they inhabit and exist in has all the structural integrity of a soap bubble.  However, they've constructed their entire world around this soap bubble, and so when someone like Richwine pokes it, they can't form a coherent argument about it.  Instead you get a series of emotional invectives and a full on BURN THE WITCH response. 

That's why you never saw a reasoned, rational response that didn't link to disproved Blank Slate studies, or left you hanging with statements that ended with "obviously disproven" but never said how or why or by who, or who totally misunderstood the terms tossed about.  Instead you had a full on emotional, female response where one uh 'scientific american' writer postulated about how research on race 'had to be banned' (Thanks to GL Piggy ) .

This is America in 2013.  We can't face the truths that are destroying our country, so instead we'll double down on the written equivalent of LA LA LA LA I CAN'T FUCKING HEAR YOU and 'When did you stop beating your wife?' and hope that somehow our insane theories that have never been proven will kick in before everything goes screaming on fire over the fucking cliff because we couldn't acknowledge what was right in front of our fucking faces.

No wonder strong men tend to have right wing views. Who else is going to put the shit back together? A nice sensitive beta gender studies major?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Militarization of the Police

As someone who has straddled the worlds of law enforcement and an Army at war, let me be the first to say that the two animals are very different.  You would get a different idea from talking to the number of combat veterans who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan.  To many of them, the two worlds are inseperable, and that's problematic.

After the wars are over and veterans return from their tours, the first question asked is 'what am I going to do with my life?' more often than not.  Leaving the military of your own free will is difficult choice that isn't taken lightly.  If you're a 22 year old who joined the military right out of high school, for four years your housing, your food, your medical care was always taken care of.  You always had a pay check coming in, you always had someone there when you needed to drink, and if you got in trouble you would be taken care of.  Your bad habits are often excused, and the Army will always be there to love you, no matter what.  It is a seductive world.  When you leave that behind and face the world on your own two feet, it can be frightening.

It does not surprise me that many veterans find respite in law enforcement.  There are similarities there culturally and otherwise, and a sense of discipline that the usual nine to five doesn't have.  However, in taking in these veterans, many law enforcement departments let the military culture override the policing culture.  This is problematic in a variety of ways.

First, the rules of engagement in a war zone compared to the United States are entirely different monsters once you get past the superficial similarities.  When veterans bring their ROE mentalities to the Use of Force template, they're more often than not going to get hammed up.  A lot of the basic policing skills, such as interpersonal conversation and observation skills seem to get replaced with 'do what I tell you to because I said so' and judging everything through the context of searching for an IED.

Not that there isn't a time to go all Boss Hoss, but there's something to be said for not turning every vehicle stop into Ruby Ridge.  However, the biggest positive I've seen from us veterans coming in is that training has evolved massively from the old days of 'square up with target, shoot' as many of us have seen the elephant and are unwilling to put our lives in the hands of shit that does not work.  However, I think we can do with less of the digicam uniform bullshit, the trying to be 'operators' with cool guy shades and patches on everything.  The biggest threat to law enforcement is complacency, not lacking mirror shades.  If law enforcement officers could remember that instead of worrying about looking like the Special Response Team we'd all be a lot safer.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In the News 5/14

Female rep claims that women need to be in charge for the species to survive. How's the last forty years of feminism worked out for us?  What we obviously need are more governments that are super emotional, ignore rational thought, and demand to constantly be the center of attention.  Is she delusional?

Believe what you like from a White House that claims the Salafist hardliners behind the majority of the Syrian rebels are the voice of democracy or some poetic nonsense.  Why the fuck we're using sky assassinations on al-Qaeda in one country while sending them body armor and medicine just goes to show no one knows what the fuck they're doing in this country.  We're children on the national stage while Turkey and Saudi Arabia work to clear out the Alawites and Christians from the historical Kingdom of Jerusalem. Meanwhile Israel frets about Iran and wonders why we don't commit more American lives to their interests.

Fancy Graham votes for surrender, as Senator Sessions attempts to limit foreigners from flooding into the United States when we reward them for arriving here illegally. Fucking disgusting, but nothing surprises me with these whores anymore. All the Republicans are doing is negotiating the terms of surrender before they flee to their Whitetopias.  The blood will be on all their fucking hands.

I know that there's a lot going on with the IRS going after conservatives, the DOJ wiretapping phones, and I've written about Benghazi.   This should be no surprise after Fast and Furious that resulted in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in a botched operation that no one was punished for.  I think the most surprising thing to many of them is that SOMEONE is calling them on their bullshit.  The DOJ wiretapping press conference was fucking hilarious, with Holder saying on and on how this was ONE OF THE MOST DAMAGING LEAKS EVER, NO HYPERBOLE, and when asked how this was so dangerous "uh I can't comment about that".  'Guys I know I run a racial revenge DOJ and I've got the blood of a Border Patrol Agent on my hands but trust me here."

Just like King Janet saying 'trust me I'll enforce the immigration laws double promise' what the fucking fuck ahahah oh this fucking country.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Gosnell: Only the beginning?

So for those of you who don't listen to anything but the mainstream media, there was something of a big deal going on in Philadelphia today.  Kermit Gosnell, a butcher masquerading as a doctor, got 1st degree murder for snipping the spines of three newly born, living infants while they were on the delivery table when they were born during their attempted abortion.  I won't recount the house of horrors here - the bodies stuffed into refridgerators, the corpses tossed into trashbags, the body parts severed and preserved for some insane reason.  If you care to read it, there's plenty for you to delve into, I would just recommend a strong stomach

It wasn't just the charnel house atmosphere that was disgusting though, but the blase attitude of the Left that somehow this is why we needed MORE abortions.  It will never fail to amaze me how there is never a perversity left uncovered, never a fucking line that they can't cross in order to justify their insanity so the mental sandcastle they've built dosen't come crashing around their fucking ears.  Instead of pushing for more abortions, maybe we need to treat the rot at the source.  It was said the Gosnell was a provider of 'last resort' for poor and immigrant women.  Let's deal with the latter first: WHY THE FUCK ARE WE BRINGING POOR IMMIGRANTS OVER WHO CAN'T AFFORD BABIES WHEN REAL UNEMPLOYMENT IS TWENTY FUCKING PERCENT?  Who the fuck thinks this is a great idea?  I can't say its the first time someone thought bringing over other nationals to a country was a great idea.  The Normans were Vikings invited to France to beat up some other dude's enemies, and decided to stay because northern France beats the Nordic countries.  The same principle applies here: The Left is inviting in the indignant of the world in order to beat up on their enemies, Righty whities, and then thinks ahaha I'll be on the top of the pile in our Marxist utopia as opposed to everything going all Balkan.

With the track record of the Left in general, I wouldn't bet on that utopia.  I mean, look at what they've done to the black family.  With their handouts and 'war on poverty', they've fucking wrecked it by having government stand in for the father, and now bastardry (let's call it what it is, fuck that sterile term 'illegitimate') is over 90% among blacks.  You know, for all the shit the Left gives the war on drugs, you'd think the war on poverty would get some attention as well with all the money we're throwing at poor people, but they seem to keep on showing up. 

Does anyone want bastards and the issues that poverty brings? No, not at all, but instead of using the tools that have worked for hundreds of years (shame combined with morality), we've made a dog's breakfast out of it all and just believe throwing money at the issue will help things.  Liberals love to go on about how conservatives only care about the baby until its born, but that's not the fucking case - its that we don't want to double down on bad behavior. We don't want to negate consequences, unlike liberals who demand everyone get swaddled in bubble wrap and never feel the effect of any consequences.  Like Tolkien said: the burned hand teaches best.  The same thing with comparing the death penalty and abortion: you're comparing murderers to innocents, yet another false cognent the Left is so fucking good at using to muddle the issue.

Something else I learned today: apparently in New Mexico you can have abortions up to the day of birth.  This is the country we fought for?

Pope Francis was right when he said 'life is a path beset by wolves on all sides'.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

From the Outside - State

I've seen a lot of commentary on how the 'mission' in Benghazi was not a full consulate or embassy, so therefore the idea that the State Department should have protected it is silly.  As we all know, there are limited funds blah blah blah.  The reality is that the issue with Benghazi and the limited protection there is mostly a creation of the State Department, and to a lesser extent it had definite political considerations in this constant campaigning nightmare we've created in our fucked political system.

Let's start though, by talking about how the State Department set itself up for failure.  The major organ of the State Department's security is are the Diplomatic Security Services, or DSS for short.  If you think of the DSS as analagous to the Secret Service, you'd be correct.  They tend to act as personnel security for diplomats, investigate crimes surrounding diplomatic staff & visa fraud, among other things.  They're also a relatively small corps in a volatile world, and have rather stringent hiring standards for what they do.  To sum up: they're like the Secret Service in that they're trained as bodyguards moreso than soldiers.

On the other hand, the relatively new Security Protective Specialist (SPS) position is more about training soldiers.  Looking at the training requirements on the website, its obvious they're looking for a different cut of recruit than for the DSS position.  There is a lot of talk about military service, overseas contract work (think Dynacorp or Triple Canopy), and all the other kind of stuff you think of when you talk about 'operators'.  I remember this popping up when I jumped ship federally, and thought 'wow this could be neat'.  However when I looked at the actual terms of the job, its a huge 'what kind of ball of fuck is this shit?'  Its an annually renewable position, renewable up to five years, but no longer than that. Why would they have these wacky terms?

Because State is facing a problem it doesn't want to acknowledge in that it is horribly overstretched security wise, but its high muckety mucks in DC's Imperial City don't want to get involved with mercenary scum.  At least, that's how they see the various military contractors around the world.  However, there's a definite need for those kind of services, even in light of all the 'negative press' in regards to private military contractors.  State, like most of the government, is highly sensitive to bad press.  So sensitive, it affects their judgement when they should be thinking like grown ups instead of trying to channel their Diversity Awareness bullshit.

Instead of taking the SPS position and making it part of State and acknowledging that the world is messy and ugly, they've instead made an overture to the contractors, but made sure to include language so that they never ever ever EVER start thinking that they're good enough to call themselves part of State permanently.  That's for the 'right' kind of people, don't you know. However, people who are looking for a solid career choice aren't going to go for this half in-half out nonsense State has jury-rigged.  You're going to get the kind of guys who are looking to make some fast cash, not that there's anything wrong with that.

This entire security mess is a result of State refusing to get its hands dirty and acknowledge reality, but the 'political considerations' of a White House that was busy blowing its horn about the death of al-Qaeda and the Arab Spring of awesome democracy makes upping security look bad.  How can you say that Libya is awesome and ready for democracy when you're fortifying your diplomatic staff? Well apparently you can't, but instead of saying 'Woah woah we need to take our time here' like grownups would, the more important thing was to talk about fucking democracy, the rule of the mob.

God bless those security contractors for how they held off that mob, but there's only so much a few men could do.  It was the mortar that killed them, if I recall correctly. However, the tragedy is that if a few more grownups had been in charge of State, and had the balls to say 'we need more security than Italy needs Chevy Volts', maybe things would have been different.  Right now its circle the wagons for the Left to protect their chocolate messiah, and fuck the idea that someone needs to be held accountable.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Query Game

One of the bigger parts of writing non-fiction is the 'query'.  Functionally, its a short description of your novel that's designed to explain what you're writing - a synopsis, if you will.  If you imagine it as the brief blurb on the back of a book, you'd be on the right track.  Unfortunately, the reality is much sloppier.

Queries have become these weird monstrosities that combine the worst features of fan mail with a ton of unwritten rules and secret handshakes, and their acceptance is at the whim of the agent or editor reading it. There's quite a few websites out there dedicated to dissecting a query with an Asperger's like focus on diagramming everything.  However, this means absolutely nothing.  The individual gatekeepers in this industry refuse to set down a standard, and instead judge quite a bit by their 'gut', which more and more is coming to mean "Do I know you from the Buffyverse forum I post on?"

Queryshark is a popular website run by a 'leading agent in the industry' who has a really bad habit of doing this kind of irregular shit.  In one post she'll complain bitterly about how even though this one followed all of her rules, its just not interesting.  However in the next post she'll rave about how this one broke all of her rules, and she loves it.  There are no standards, just a lot of fucking 'gut feelings' that can come or go at a whim.

This is another issue with the female dominated writing industry, where social media connections and re-tweeting people count for more than the actual product you have. There's also the strong conformist element with many agents and editors, which is why you've got Young Adult pushing the same shit in waves. At one point, mermaids were the Next Big Thing, and if you had a mermaid Young Adult novel ready to go, you were set.  Doesn't matter worth a fuck that they all had the same plot (I'm a magical princess but I'm in love with a broody landlubber!), its what people want!

Friday, May 10, 2013


If you haven't been paying attention, Jason Richwine has been let go from the Heritage Foundation.  Why is this important to you? Well Mr. Richwine was a co-author in the recent study "The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer".  This inconvenient study torpedoes the idea pushed by the traitors in the Senate that letting in a bunch of third world meztizos is going to turn everything into sunshine and rainbows.

Mr. Richwine, during his time in Harvard, published a study about illegal immigrant IQ.  This study was thoroughly researched, and signed off on by three tenured professors.  It really can't be said that Harvard is a bastion of stolid paleo-conservative thought, at best.  However, Harvard saw no problem with his research based in facts.  However, this was too much for the Leftists and their dogs in ConservativeInc, always looking for a fucking pat on the head.

Jennifer Rubin, the jewess house 'conservative' on the Washington Post, is currently waving around Richwine's scalp and now demanding the rest of the Heritage Foundation kowtow to her unique reality where we're all equal or something, and Americans have no right to their own country. Meanwhile she's all about the measures Israel is taking in preventing 'illegal infiltrators' from entering the country, such as a giant wall and armed patrols that she probably doesn't think are racist.  Be advised, Rubin was another neocon who was in charge of Bush II's hispandering.

Its fucking disgusting how the Right runs like a fucking scalded dog anytime someone says the word 'racism', no matter what the fucking facts are.  Our inner cities are wrecked, we've got an unsustainable welfare state, we're selling jobs to foreigners while American citizens are unemployed, but don't you dare look at fucking facts you dirty racist.  You just go on thinking everyone is the same and diversity is the best thing ever and don't you dare look out for yourself.  Meanwhile the writers who claim to be 'conservative' piss themselves whenever some of these Marxist fucks raises their voices, because then they might not get invited to a cocktail soiree.  What a disgusting turn of events we've come to.

These things have two end results: segregation or ethnic cleansing.  Its not like Rubin and her fantasy island ilk are going to have to deal with this shit storm that's coming. No, they'll write long winded articles about how great all this diversity is while the common man has to suffer through it.  In a less civilized age, they hung and quartered fuckers for that kind of thing.

The wheel is always turning, and it looks like we're heading towards a less civilized age. So there's a silver lining to every cloud. Get those torches ready, boys.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

"B-b-but, burritos!"

In my conversations with your average Stuff White People Like (SWPL) liberal, most of their arguments for MORE illegal immigration & amnesty seem to be centralized around their hedonistic and leisure impulses.  For them, illegal immigration means they get to pay a pittance for lawn care, house cleaning, and other manual labor.  It means that if they have kids, they get a cheap nanny to watch their child while they live the life of the hip young cosmopolitans.  They get to enjoy 'cultural enrichment' in the form of the most authentic Central American food.

The idea that many Americans aren't involved in their white collar lifestyle and suffer from increased competition from illegal aliens never seems to bother these SWPLs.  The idea that they should have loyalty to their countrymen is a charming but outdated idea to them at best, krazy kracker konservative konversation at worst!  As Steve Sailer has pointed out, many liberals have leap frogging loyalties as a form of status oneupmanship among other liberals.  Worrying about something like the welder down the street doesn't earn you libcred among the rest of the coop - how many Somalis have YOU sent food to?

Conservatives tend to have concentric loyalties, which makes a lot more sense as they're naturally developing (my family, my faith, my town, my state, my country, my race) versus the artificial liberal loyalties that seem to go: my ideology, poor oppressed colored people worldwide.  This isn't a new thing - people starved in China while Mao shipped corn to Eastern Europe in the name of "Worldwide Communism" while in the middle of a pissing match with the Soviet Union.  It seems to be a natural concurrence with the leftist worldview.

Leftists also seem unable to fathom a 'social cost' to massive illegal immigration, as the idea that there's a social cost to anything except racism or transphobia or whatever their cause du jour is doesn't register with them.  Failing in school? Well that's because of racism, it has nothing to do with race.  Lots of single moms and the disintegration of the family unit? Oh well that's because of the Vatican!  Living off welfare and foodstamps? Well we need to tax the rich more!  More crime? Well that's because of the police being racist!

As you can see, leftists have plenty of answers for everything. Its just that they're fucking insane and wrong and would rather blame their countrymen then the real factors because then the elaborate mental house of cards they've built for themselves would come tumbling down around their ears.  The fact that their choices result in more inequality as they build up whitopias for themselves is lost on them. Its all about appearances, but those of us in the real world have to fucking deal with the results of their games of status.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


"If Jodi Arias had killed an ambassador, perhaps the media would have covered it."

While today was a pretty big news day, this statement rings rather true.  While almost all the major media networks were talking about the expected verdict of the Jodi Arias trial, bombshells were being ignored over at the Congressional hearing about the Benghazi incident. Some of the revealations included: the whole cloth invention of the evil Youtube video being responsible, someone cancelling a SOCOM reinforcement flight, and the punishment of whistleblowers by this administration that knows it can get away with whatever it wants to.

The level of dissembling by the Democrats on the panel was unsurprising. Cunningham talking about "Death being a part of life" as if he's making some sort of philosophical breakthrough.  Several other Dems reading off talking point style memos, and tugging at the edges of the narrative, but nothing substantial, and attempting to push the blame on imaginary budget cuts. Remember, this was a State Department that could drop millions on Chevy Volts and charging stations to 'fight climate change' for fuck's sake.

So the things to take away from these hearings was that: two 'stand down' orders were given, but no idea who from (yet). The Youtube video claim was a complete fabrication.  Remember, a man went to prison based off a very liberal interpretation of a parole violation. Meanwhile Boss Holder refuses to prosecute banks doing piddling shit like manipulating the LIBOR rate because it'll damage the economy, or something.  The State Department Counsel to Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, told staff don't talk to investigators.

I don't get the argument that THERE WAS NO WAY SOMEONE COULD HAVE MADE IT THERE IN TIME when no one knew how long the attack was going to go on for.  Of course, with the stories about this Special Operations team in Tripoli, its kind of moot that no one could 'make it'.  It seems more like killing our former jihadi allies who raped Qaddafi to death would ruin the entire idea of an "Arab Spring" of peaceful democracy.  Instead, maybe people would realise that you can't turn people into Ohio Democrats by screaming 'DEMOCRACY' at them and hoping they drink enough Coca-Cola to become 'Western'.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bubble Bubble

Its been a year since I started my Divemaster training, and though there's been some bumps along the way, I think that I'll be done by the end of the month.  The nice thing about diving is that there's a definite pathway to improve yourself through training, and you can definitely tailor your wants to what's offered.  However, while that's great this is a tendency by PADI to push more classes on you, regardless of whether or not you need them.  As it was explained to me, divers who decide to stay Open Water for 200 dives are getting a lot more out their certification, money wise, than the diver with 60 dives who has a wallet full of certification cards.

I enjoy the instructional aspect very much, and I'm looking forward to being able to instruct scuba.  My only issue I've seen so far is that a lot of people refuse to admit that scuba diving isn't for everyone.  I'll never be a ballerina, or a pro football star, just like some people can't dive.  I get the pride factor, but if you're having problems in the pool, you're not going to be doing too hot in a lake with ten feet of viz.

However, I've had a lot of good experiences with diving, and made a lot of good friends.  What I like the most about diving is the sense of freedom, of a full range of movement in all directions.  There's also the exploration factor, an amazing feeling of going through somewhere for the first time.  Others may have seen it before, but when its the first time for you going under a rock arch, it really makes it all worth it.

Diving is also about conquering your fear.  You may sit back and wonder what the hell I'm talking about, but I've seen plenty of people lose their shit in the pool at ten feet just because of the feeling of claustrophobia.  There's also a feeling of offness that I remember distinctly, breathing under ten feet of water and knowing that something just is not right.  Once that passes though, diving will seduce you, simply because of its otherness.

Something I've told new divers is that SCUBA gear is designed to keep you alive in an alien environment that would otherwise kill you, because that line has always stuck with me as being absolutely true.  Being at 100 feet under will kill you quicker than you think if something goes wrong, and the only people more dangerous to themselves than beginning divers are experienced divers who forget how fast things can go horribly wrong.

Much like fencing or boxing, scuba is a demonstration of mastery.  It shows you can overcome your natural panic instincts, to adapt to a strange environment, and to think through problems.  If I've learned one thing from scuba diving, its that panic is what kills you.  When you freak out and let your animal instincts take over, you're probably already dead.  This fact can be applied to life as a whole - that when you panic, you've lost.  That's why its so important to remember you're a human, and think as one, be it battle, debate, or leisure.

More white hot anger posting tomorrow.  Home loan got denied so I'm trying to mellow a bit.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Goodbye, little chicken

My wife got a little chick from the store, and while at first he was all chirpy (annoyingly so) and had a habit of pecking everything (such as my eyes), he grew on me. He definitely had personality and could recognize both of us, following us around the house.  Occasionally he would run so fast he'd wipe out, which was humorous. He'd go apeshit over dead bugs and snatch them up, and was getting to the point where he could almost catch them.  He would spend quite a bit of time grooming himself and stretching himself.

Unfortunately, he died last night.  Our giant dog came running up and crushed him under her paw.  He didn't die right away, but I held him in my hand as he chirruped three or four times, and then laid still. What amazed me the most was how long his body stayed warm.  However, it hit me that he would never move again, that his days of running and stretching were over.  In retrospect, its amazing at how much the death of this little bird upset me. 

I told my wife that he may have lived for a week or so, but he lived the best he could, and there was nothing we could do about what happened.  Even so, the quiet around this house tells us that he's gone.  Again, I don't know why the death of this little rooster bothers me, but it does.

I did have a dream about it, and its upsetting and hopeful at the same time.  It was me and my wife, and he stood in our hands. He looked at us one more time, and then he flew away, up and away to whatever else is after this. It upsets me because I don't have a hard answer about any of this, about what's waiting for us when we move on from this life.  And its hopeful because perhaps even for a little chicken, G-d made a place for him too. And if G-d can worry about a chicken, perhaps there's hope for all of us.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mainstream Conservatives

Good for me, blogging once a day for a week. Let's see if I can keep up the pace.

In an argument today, someone pointed to 'mainstream conservatives' as the metric for what was okay and where to determine what was 'kooky'. Well, let's breakdown what so called mainstream conservatism is about? More wars for Israel, more immigration cause lah-tee-nos are 'natural conservatives' or some shit, talking about how gun rights are anti-slavery,  dismissing arguments against gay 'marriage', and eulogizing the communist backed MLK as some sort of ur-conservative.  Most of all, it is hoping that the mainstream media never ever calls you racist. 

The big problem with Romney was that the RNC went on about the electability of a northeastern liberal who passed an actual AWB, paid for abortions with state money, and wanted more illegal aliens.  How the fuck this was going to appeal to actual legit conservatives, I don't know, but there it was.  Meanwhile everytime he had a chance to burnish his conservative credentials: Chik-Fil-A, illegal immigration, flash mobs, you name it, what did he do? Give some bullshit comment full of weasel words and try to appease everything.  The only thing he went to the mat for was fucking more tax cuts for the ultra wealthy.

This was the joker who was going to beat Obama? In any other world, the Republican candidate would have trounced the incumbent who had a pathetic recovery that had been 'turning the corner' for the last four years and was still dealing with the Benghazi scandal, as well as Fast and Furious that led to the death of BPA Brian Terry. What ended up happening?  He listened to his consultants who got paid for wrecking his campaign.

These are the types of people that are 'mainstream' conservatives, basically going along with liberals as they enact insane policies, mumbling all the while "Hey uh...can we just slow down a little? Please?"  Look at this 'gang of eight' bullshit, with the Republicans desperately trying to wave around their bullshit 'enforcement plan' as some sort of equivalency to 20 million plus new Democratic voters. Are they out of their mind?

Meanwhile, anyone who starts noticing facts. Facts like that hispanics are not 'natural conservatives', that black run cities are dysfunctional, that Israel is not our friend, that the Left indeed wants to take our guns, that gay marriage is a mockery of what marriage actually is, well they get pilloried and demonized at the demand of the Left, and the mainstreamers are all too happy to comply.

And that's what is disgusting. You can say that a live baby on the table is a "choice between the woman and the doctor", that children "belong to the community", you can wave the bloody flag on a pile of dead children, and you'll never get fucking called on it if you're on the Left.  And our mainstream conservatives out there are too chicken shit to speak up, because then they might not get invited to the cocktail parties in the Imperial City.  Fucking disgusting.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

"I'll Write the Wiki!"

I've noticed there is a tendency among many of the alternative right crowd to engage in navel gazing and existential thought while we're looking over the ledge to a societal crumble.  There's a time and a place for philosophical debate, but too often it seems like the egg heads on the right want to do this in the middle of a brawl to the death.  Either this, or they seem to relish the idea that we're all doomed, there's nothing you can do, here's my paypal account plz donate thanks.

I call it the "I'll write the wiki!" phenom, based off the prospenity of a certain forum to create super complex projects and instead of taking care of the gruntwork that's essential to task, everyone wants to do tertiary tasks that aren't really make or break to the project, just stupid status boosting exercises.  This manifests itself in the alt-right sphere with everyone wanting to try and one up each other writing long, often masturbatory posts about obscure dead German philosophers in order to show off to other philosophy majors who are writing long, masturbatory posts about obscure dead German philosophers.

While this might feel good and get you invited to AmRen conferences, in the real world it has a lot less relevance when your shit is getting broken into by 'urban youth', illegal aliens are driving down wages, and cultural marxists are busy raising your taxes to fund late term abortions for gender pivoting teenagers.  My problem with it is that more often than not wailing about how we're doomed or trying to apply Heidegger to modern problems means jack shit in the short term.

A recent relevant example was after Romney surrendered the election to Obama, you could tell that the so called 'mainstream conservative' wing (read: neocon globalists) were ramping up for another amnesty attempt.  Instead of trying to build a counter movement, a chorus of voices that presented an alternative to the 'invade the world, invite the world, in hoc to the world' horseshit of the last decade, the big argument among alt-right blogs was 'is the term 'Dark Enlightenment descriptive enough?'.

This was the time to start presenting intellectual arguments that held water, to move beyond conventional wisdom about "one race: THE HUMAN RACE" bullshit, and give people an intellectual structure that could provide a real world based series of counter arguments against the cultural marxist bullshit that infests our civilization.  Instead what happened? A bunch of status jockeying for what the name of the Kool Kid's Klub was going to be.

Of course, when you bring this up on other blogs, you get a lot of huffy "OH YEAH WHY DON'T YOU START A NATIONAL MOVEMENT THEN HUH?" responses.  Well first because I'm not the writer of a blog that's got 10 million plus hits over its lifetime, a published writer, possess the correct connections, or some combination of the three.  Ironically, it seems like the alt-right has a condescending response to Golden Dawn's successes in Greece because they're 'militant', whatever the fuck that means.

It mainly seems to mean that many on the alt-right refuse to get their hands dirty because they're intellectuals, not plebians, and the lumpenproles can do things like hand out blankets, run soup kitchens, drive Grandma to her appointment, and talk to veterans. Basically, all the shit that actually BUILDS a community as opposed to status seeking among your echo chamber.  Its why I think the work Matthew Heimbach is doing is so important, because he's trying to build a community as opposed to preaching to the choir for an attaboy.

Look at the Left: A bunch of ivory tower academics telling other people how to live their lives. Why the fuck do we need that on the Right as well?  Stop trying to pose as don't give a fuck iconoclasts and go out and build up your community through deeds.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Social Science Voodoo Doctors

Yesterday in an argument with some SJWs (social justice warriors), the incorrect stat about 'women making 75% of what a man makes" came up.  The first link was to the Institute of Women's Wage Studies (some mouthful of a name), and the second was, I believe, a GAO study.  The uh "Institute" basically strung together a bunch of words about "self actualizing women's potential in the workforce in the face of historical patriarchal oppression" and long on patting themselves on the back about how put down women were. 

The second study at least had the intellectual honesty to admit that women generally made the choice to work in low risk/low reward industries, leave the workforce to take care of children, and other decisions that are placed on the individual.   Of course, it went off into how the government should do what it can to make things more 'equal', and you'll have to point out where the fuck the Founders wanted to make everyone 'equal' outside of insane 'living constitution' bullshit.

The social sciences, by and large, suffer from this same malady where they interpret shit that isn't there, or twist it so that it fits with their world view.  Those that don't go along with the Narrative (immigration is always good! multicult is awesome! we're all equal!) tend to find themselves on the outliers.  Look at Charles Murray after he published The Bell Curve, and the list of leftists who lined up to 'disprove' him with badly strung together ideas that didn't hold up past first glance.  Or Robert Putnam, who sat on his "Bowling Alone" study because it didn't match up with his views that multiculturalism is an unalloyed good.

The Left has elevated the idea of "Science" into a religion, with peer review being the end all be all of what makes something 'sciencey'.  Having a piece of sheepskin with writing on it means that nothing you say can be challenged by a layman.  Thus that old saw: "Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?"  The actual core of Science would be that the experiment is repeatable, and that's where the social sciences are already going to have a problem because so much of what they study is subjective.   When you add in the Marxist indoctrination and Frankfurt School bullshit that suffuses so much of academia, you're only adding to your issues.

The Staple affair is a prime example of this. Steve Sailer talked about this a little while ago, but here's a summary: Staple was a Dutch psychologist who came up with a theory about 'priming', where people have 'primed' themselves to believe the worst about minorities because of invisible racism.  The problem is that the entire study was bullshit.  Staples made up data whole cloth, engaged in 'verification bias' where he repeated the experiment to get the results he wanted, and no real clue about how to collate statistics.  At the end of the day, it was grad students who revealed this fraud.  The kicker is that they were really scared of telling Staple's boss, because it flew in the face of the prevailing conventional wisdom, and they knew Staple could wreck their careers.

So much for 'peer review'.

Thus the name of the title. Often, so called 'social scientists' are little more than witch doctors, interpretating entrails or the blood drips from a dead chicken to see what they want. The issue is that these modern day witch doctors have more influence than they rightly should.

Relevant links for further reading about the Staple fraud:

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dogs of War

When I started writing the world that Cry Havoc takes place in, it was somewhat different than how it ended up.  The first story I actually wrote had the Khajal Schism, but the Harvesters were more of a Special Forces commando squad, and the FOSsils were vaguely psychic and considered a little wacky.  There were dinosaurs, of course, and they talked. This was the first appearance of Ripper and Brokehorn,  and something about the idea of a bloodthirsty Triceratops and thoughtful T-Rex appealed to me.

As time went on I began to think more about the FOSsils, and I liked the idea of these soldiers who were 'crippled giants', and began to flesh out Fletcher's role more From a purely manipulative son of a bitch to someone who was willing to do what it took to make Imperial dreams a reality.  The nice thing about Fletcher is that in retrospect you can see how he changes from amoral and humanizes, specifically with Clay's arc.

Clay was originally a secondary character, with Kipling being the primary FOSsil POV. However I liked the poetic license I could take with his character. I thought of the sobriquet "The Last Reaver" and the ideas just flowed from there - his loss on Scylla, Jai'dan's death on Deep Haven, and the terrible aftermath that followed.  It held weight with me, and his exile from the other FOSsils only heightened the poignancy.  Not bound by his need to have a Scytheclaw, but able to make her presence felt, I found I could do a lot with Clay.

That's what led me to the idea of him mentoring these youths, full of potential. Originally the cadets were a lot nastier to each other, but as I wrote I found that they took on attitudes of their own. Jane and Salem's relation mellowed, Paris' struggles were internalized, and Sand became the unwilling killer with a heart of gold.

My approach with Jane and Salem, putting them into the Academy, doesn't imply support of female in combat arms, but the culture of Cry Havoc is so different as to be almost unrecognizable, with its sanctioned duels, codes of honor, and military footing. The females there are of a different cut than the ones I worked with.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Creating a New Electorate

The immigration traitors continue their march towards turning America into a norte version of Brazil.  Its not quite surprising that the Republicans were looking for an excuse to betray their constituents and push for more immigration, since this seems to happen every few years. However, even the 180 degree turns that McCain and Flake (both Senators of my beloved Arizona) executed were quite audacious in light of the primaries.

McCain ran against the premise of amnesty in the face of a from the Right challenge by JD Hayworth, who called McCain on his tendency to say a bunch of hard words during election season and then promptly forget about them when he goes back to DC.  Flake also faced a from the Right challenge, in the form of businessman Wil Cardon.  Again, Flake was challenged on his immigration bonafides, and after running a devastating scorched earth campaign against Cardon and calling in all the Republican Party big shots, he got the Tea Party & Sarah Palin nod and won the primary.

Then the first big thing he does is push for more amnesty.

Again, I shouldn't be shocked - he's consistently been a whore for business, and its the industrialists who are pushing for this amnesty, as well as the refugee racket, the liberal religious wing, and all the others who can't wait to push a new electorate. 

The media does its part, of course, seeing as how many of the mouthpieces are organized by big business, with the NYT owned by Mexican millionaire Carlos Slim.  Slim is a telecommunications big shot, who owns a monopoly on fee per minute cell phones.  So the illegal aliens calling home telling Pedro and Jose to hurry up and come north are funding Slim's billions. 

Speaking of which, has it gotten quieter on the border?  Not really, seeing as how there's still hundred of pounds of dope bundles sacked up daily, still good sized groups crossing before the summer heat hits, and all the madness that comes with both.  You'd be deceived into thinking otherwise, since King Janet (Napalitano) loves to crow about 'most deportations ever'.

Let me break down that particular Big Lie.  What they've done is included apprehensions on the border, which are not true deportations.  If we were doing true deportations, the ICE/HSI office in Phoenix, San Diego, and across the rest of the nation wouldn't be busy spinning their wheels trying cases about counterfeit purses and trying to horn in on child pornography cases.  Meanwhile, King Janet claims his hands are 'tied' while they release dangerous illegal aliens into the surrounding (Republican) states because, oh em gee, sequestration.

There's also an issue with how those actual apprehensions are counted.  It used to be that there were three categories: Apprehensions, Turn Backs (Into Mexico) and Got Aways, all pretty self explanatory.  Well, they got rid of the "Got Aways" category, and if you caught two out of a group of ten, you apprehended two and turned back the other eight, even if you were 50 miles north of the border and close to a major interstate or residential area.  Cause that makes sense, right?

That brings me to another issue, the idea that fifty miles north of the border is 'too far' for immigration enforcement.  Have any of you looked at Google Maps and seen what the majority of the Southwest looks like outside of the urban areas? Personnel loads will hike 20 miles to a roadside, get picked up, and then cross country until they make it past the heavily enforced zones.  Dope loads will walk 50+ miles over a week to load out their dope, so no, shoving everyone up against the border is not an effective way of doing business.

The most disgusting thing about this immigration amnesty is the mercenary approach taken by the Republicans in the 'gang of 8'.  They've purposefully pushed forward as far as possible when the illegal aliens are able to vote, so they can retire and set up their little gated communities while the rest of us get to deal with their results of their treachery.  That tells me they KNOW this entire business is going to be fucked, but they don't care. 

Its also amazing the raw animosity at conservative, white America, and how if we don't want to be supplanted by the Third World, how we're a bunch of evil racists and our opinions don't matter.  If you want to see something fun, look at the last names of all the writers demanding we submit to what our Fantasy Island overlords (those living in the NYC-CHI-LA axis) know is better for us.

Do you think they'd want the same immigration policy for Israel? Nah, they're just busy building the giant fences they're always telling us never worked to keep out 'illegal infiltrators' while we're expected to regard America as the dumping ground for the world's refuse instead of a country.

I've said it before, but this kind of mass resettlement has two end results: segregation (which will be met with weepy weeping and people waving around Brown v Board of Education), or ethnic cleansing, which will end in a whole lot of blood.

That blood is on your hands, Senators, you and the rest of the traitors trying to turn your elected positions into a aristocracy.  However, as Jefferson said: "The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants and traitors."

No despots. No tyrants.