Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Devil Quotes Scripture

Christianity is not an easy path, but you would be forgive for thinking otherwise based off the number of "Christian" mouthpieces who say the opposite.  I was thinking about this on the way home today, about a throwaway line in a novel about a priest as viewed by a Protestant snake handler: "I had heard all the things about Catholics 'whores of Rome' and idolaters.  But I feared that priest like I would fear G-d himself."

That G-d is fearful seems archaic in this day and age, where we're told that because Jesus Christ said "let he who has not since cast the first stone', that we cannot judge the sins of others. Bullshit! What did Christ say after the crowd dispersed? "Sin no more."  But many liberal Christians ignore that second command, and with it miss the entire point of the encounter.

The current schism in Christianity (and it is a schism) between the liberal sects and the more conservative ones between abortion, homosexuality, women, and the rest will likely end with the liberals withering on the vine.  Look at the Anglicans and Epicopalians - the clergy mostly women and homosexuals, the true faithful abandoning the church for the more conservative Protestant churches and Mother Church. These faiths with their hoary lineages are now on the verge of extinction because of the desire for 'openness' among their leadership.

Religion is not democracy! It is not the rule of the mob, where it must appeal to the most in order to be successful!  Our current insanity with the automatic assumption that everything must appeal to everyone and exclude no one is another issue at the heart of our cultural decline.  I don't hear anyone demanding the Jews opening up Judaism for the goyim, but damned if they don't think Mother Church should listen to what their cultural marxist enemies have to say.

This goes back to my original point, that in the drive to include as many as possible, they've lost what Christianity is about. It is not an easy path. It demands sacrifice, it demands that you change, that you humble yourself before G-d and that you are constantly falling short of His expectations of you.  In our 'everyone gets a trophy' society, no wonder people don't want to hear that.  Instead you got Skateboarding Jesus, Rock Band Jesus, and instead of understanding what Jesus meant in a contextual sense, you get the empty comprehension that can shift depending on the whim of the speaker. Ergo, the Devil quoting scripture for his own purposes.

When liberal congregations quote Jesus emptily, when they bleat about love and forgiveness, remember that the Serpent takes many forms.  Jesus may have loved the sinner, but God hates the sin.

That second point is missed, and that's where our culture stumbles.

And me? I wish I was a better Christian, and I know how pathetically short I come up in comparison, and that I will have much to answer for when I arrive at the throne of G-d.

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