Saturday, April 27, 2013

Many Little Things

I have a lot going on in my life right now.  This issue of buying a house seems to be neverending, with the VA throwing one hurdle after another in my way. I have sought the help of my Senator in this matter, and I hope it pays off.  I am amazed at how much stress is on my shoulders from it - I cannot say I have felt this way for a while.

My experience with sticking my foot into the pool of young adult publishing was not a successful one. If its not social justice warriors wanting your novel to reflect their cultural marxist sensibilities, its editors wondering why your novel can't be 50 Shades of Grey or something else derivative of what's 'hot'.  My personal observation is that many editors are sheep, and following the herd is the easiest thing to do.  Any claims of wanting "experimental", "unique", or whatever tired adjective you choose is simply posturing to others in the industry.

My beloved country continues its slow degeneration as the traitors in our Congress look us straight in the eye and tell us how their immigration amnesty will fix all our problems, yet seem unable to point out exactly where this is in their 800 plus page monstrosity.  The idiocy of the Republican Party is apparent in their choice of an expat Cuban to appeal to Mexican indios, Texan nativos, and the rest of the roiling cauldron that is Latin America's populace.  For all the millions that they throw at Imperial City insiders, they still cannot fathom how a Cuban is not a Mexican is not a Honduran is not a Columbian is not a Chilean.

Somewhere I imagine Karl Rove or Grover Norquist wobbling their chins and stating defiantly "Nonsense! They all have a last name that ends in Z and enjoy tacos!" while some RNC heads nod their heads as if this is wisdom.  Between this and the number of 'gimmedats' the Democrats hand out, no wonder they can't win a nationwide election even as real unemployment approached 20%.

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