Monday, April 29, 2013

In the News 4/29

Manchin doubling down on disarming Americans

Remember ladies and gentlemen, with the Left and their enablers its never settled until they get the vote they want. Look at gay marriage: California voted it down in Prop 8, and then they run to the courts, and when that might not work, its time to run to the federal system. "..while the worst are full of passionate intensity" seems to be the nature of this particular slouching beast. 

You can see the dystopia of unchecked liberalism in the UK where the people have willingly disarmed themselves in the name of some false idol called 'safety', and now their government treats native Britons as obstacles in the way to their more perfect utopia.  So you have people thrown into jail for 'racism', the police fearful of doing their job for being called 'racist', gypsies and other aliens squatting with impunity because they know there is one set of law for them and another for natives.  It is truly anarcho-tyranny over there.

Is it any wonder that the Left and their enablers want the same thing over here?  Questions of liberty cannot be ignored because you have an armed populace.  You cannot institute the insanity of the UK when you have to take into account an armed uprising.  What will it take? On Sic Semper Tyrannis I argued that America is in a slow cataclysm on the edges (our urban hellholes, the inability of a government that could put a man on the Moon to secure the southern border), and all it will take it a stumble. 

Then those identified as responsible for such will have a rough time.

Anti-Christian tapped to lead Army religious extremism workshop

First you had gay marriage, then you had women in the combat arms, and now this.  The cultural marxists really are secure in their ability to tell those who typically sign up for the combat arms that their sacrifice means nothing because they're the hated white male oppressor and all the sins of the world are on their shoulders.

Unsurprisingly, you have Mikey Weinstein, a member of the Tribe, leading the charge about how evil Christians are, quoting from the Tribe's mouthpiece, the SPLC.  "Judeo-Christian" values my ass. Kicked out of every country they inhabit, but everyone else is the problem.

Look for the next push to be transsexuals demanding they have a 'right' to serve in the military, and instead of soldiers getting more trigger time and training, they get more workshops about how they better respect their 'transitioning soldiers' instead of treating them like the mental degenerates they are.  Meanwhile its my opinion the the SOCOM world will be exempt from most of this bullshit, at least for the near future, because this and and drones are quickly becoming the only areas we haven't hallowed out.

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