Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boxing, Bombers, and Eunuchs

It amazes me still the amount of insanity the Left and their mouthpieces (what Moldberg calls "the Cathedral") regarding the incident in Boston, and their overwhelming desire for the bombers to have been right wingers who were mad about taxes.  I think it goes without saying that I doubt the discussion would have been how the NYC-Chicago-LA cultural axis excludes and demonizes 'traditional' Americans and their culture in favor of imaginary urban hip African-American transgender computer hacker geniuses.

I made the point in the comments on this post by GL Piggy that its indicative of how insane the Left has gotten that "two am dorm room talk" is now all that's fit to print for the NY Times as it expounds on how its America's fault for not welcoming Chechens more, or something.  Its never really clear in the article linked if the writer is blaming boxing for the brain damage, or the Golden Gloves for not contributing to the brain damage, but the writer knows one thing: Its America's fault!

I had to scroll down a bit, but I found a picture that explains why 90% of Zirin's photos are headshots.

It is a true irony how the people who have faces that demand to be punched always seem to avoid those situations at all costs.  Which segues nicely into my next point, about the Left always ready to stand on the sidelines and wring their hands over people getting hurt competing, the poor dears, but always ready to pave the way to their new utopia with the bodies of those affected by their insanity.

Who is he to comment about boxing?  Who are any of these punk bitches, pretending to care about people getting hurt, who are they to care about one of the true forms of competition left?  They don't, of course.  In boxing, even in sparring, there is almost always a winner and a loser.  There is a superior and an inferior, and that flies in the face of cultural marxist doctrine that states everyone is equal, and only big government is the only way to even out the inequalities that are a natural part of life.  It is unsurprising in this light that the cowardly IOC dropped wrestling and kept bullshit events (not a sport) like Ping Pong. What's next? Fencing gone? When does Boxing follow?

I realise I will never box as a pro. I'm too old and I started too late.  As I told my trainer today, I will likely be only a gifted amateur.  When I tell people I box for the sheer joy of it, they don't seem to get the lack of desire to make a profit off of it.  The thing that they don't realise, because they have never stepped in the ring, is that the profit is in the fight itself.  When the blood sings in your ears, and suddenly your body is flowing through the blows and your mind is racing, analyzing a thousand and one variables to deliber that one perfect punch to your opponent.  Afterwards, there's the camraderie, the feeling of two competitors that have bonded over a shared struggle and their desire to improve themselves simply for the sake of the sport.  As my gym's motto goes: "Nothing personal. Strictly business."

How can you explain that to someone like the eunuch above who doesn't have the balls to call a spade a spade and blame Tamerlane's actions on Tamerlane?  He will never understand that, and that's why he will always be a spectator, because him and his ilk are terrified of the idea of the challenge.

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