Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boxing, Bombers, and Eunuchs

It amazes me still the amount of insanity the Left and their mouthpieces (what Moldberg calls "the Cathedral") regarding the incident in Boston, and their overwhelming desire for the bombers to have been right wingers who were mad about taxes.  I think it goes without saying that I doubt the discussion would have been how the NYC-Chicago-LA cultural axis excludes and demonizes 'traditional' Americans and their culture in favor of imaginary urban hip African-American transgender computer hacker geniuses.

I made the point in the comments on this post by GL Piggy that its indicative of how insane the Left has gotten that "two am dorm room talk" is now all that's fit to print for the NY Times as it expounds on how its America's fault for not welcoming Chechens more, or something.  Its never really clear in the article linked if the writer is blaming boxing for the brain damage, or the Golden Gloves for not contributing to the brain damage, but the writer knows one thing: Its America's fault!

I had to scroll down a bit, but I found a picture that explains why 90% of Zirin's photos are headshots.

It is a true irony how the people who have faces that demand to be punched always seem to avoid those situations at all costs.  Which segues nicely into my next point, about the Left always ready to stand on the sidelines and wring their hands over people getting hurt competing, the poor dears, but always ready to pave the way to their new utopia with the bodies of those affected by their insanity.

Who is he to comment about boxing?  Who are any of these punk bitches, pretending to care about people getting hurt, who are they to care about one of the true forms of competition left?  They don't, of course.  In boxing, even in sparring, there is almost always a winner and a loser.  There is a superior and an inferior, and that flies in the face of cultural marxist doctrine that states everyone is equal, and only big government is the only way to even out the inequalities that are a natural part of life.  It is unsurprising in this light that the cowardly IOC dropped wrestling and kept bullshit events (not a sport) like Ping Pong. What's next? Fencing gone? When does Boxing follow?

I realise I will never box as a pro. I'm too old and I started too late.  As I told my trainer today, I will likely be only a gifted amateur.  When I tell people I box for the sheer joy of it, they don't seem to get the lack of desire to make a profit off of it.  The thing that they don't realise, because they have never stepped in the ring, is that the profit is in the fight itself.  When the blood sings in your ears, and suddenly your body is flowing through the blows and your mind is racing, analyzing a thousand and one variables to deliber that one perfect punch to your opponent.  Afterwards, there's the camraderie, the feeling of two competitors that have bonded over a shared struggle and their desire to improve themselves simply for the sake of the sport.  As my gym's motto goes: "Nothing personal. Strictly business."

How can you explain that to someone like the eunuch above who doesn't have the balls to call a spade a spade and blame Tamerlane's actions on Tamerlane?  He will never understand that, and that's why he will always be a spectator, because him and his ilk are terrified of the idea of the challenge.

Monday, April 29, 2013

In the News 4/29

Manchin doubling down on disarming Americans

Remember ladies and gentlemen, with the Left and their enablers its never settled until they get the vote they want. Look at gay marriage: California voted it down in Prop 8, and then they run to the courts, and when that might not work, its time to run to the federal system. "..while the worst are full of passionate intensity" seems to be the nature of this particular slouching beast. 

You can see the dystopia of unchecked liberalism in the UK where the people have willingly disarmed themselves in the name of some false idol called 'safety', and now their government treats native Britons as obstacles in the way to their more perfect utopia.  So you have people thrown into jail for 'racism', the police fearful of doing their job for being called 'racist', gypsies and other aliens squatting with impunity because they know there is one set of law for them and another for natives.  It is truly anarcho-tyranny over there.

Is it any wonder that the Left and their enablers want the same thing over here?  Questions of liberty cannot be ignored because you have an armed populace.  You cannot institute the insanity of the UK when you have to take into account an armed uprising.  What will it take? On Sic Semper Tyrannis I argued that America is in a slow cataclysm on the edges (our urban hellholes, the inability of a government that could put a man on the Moon to secure the southern border), and all it will take it a stumble. 

Then those identified as responsible for such will have a rough time.

Anti-Christian tapped to lead Army religious extremism workshop

First you had gay marriage, then you had women in the combat arms, and now this.  The cultural marxists really are secure in their ability to tell those who typically sign up for the combat arms that their sacrifice means nothing because they're the hated white male oppressor and all the sins of the world are on their shoulders.

Unsurprisingly, you have Mikey Weinstein, a member of the Tribe, leading the charge about how evil Christians are, quoting from the Tribe's mouthpiece, the SPLC.  "Judeo-Christian" values my ass. Kicked out of every country they inhabit, but everyone else is the problem.

Look for the next push to be transsexuals demanding they have a 'right' to serve in the military, and instead of soldiers getting more trigger time and training, they get more workshops about how they better respect their 'transitioning soldiers' instead of treating them like the mental degenerates they are.  Meanwhile its my opinion the the SOCOM world will be exempt from most of this bullshit, at least for the near future, because this and and drones are quickly becoming the only areas we haven't hallowed out.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Devil Quotes Scripture

Christianity is not an easy path, but you would be forgive for thinking otherwise based off the number of "Christian" mouthpieces who say the opposite.  I was thinking about this on the way home today, about a throwaway line in a novel about a priest as viewed by a Protestant snake handler: "I had heard all the things about Catholics 'whores of Rome' and idolaters.  But I feared that priest like I would fear G-d himself."

That G-d is fearful seems archaic in this day and age, where we're told that because Jesus Christ said "let he who has not since cast the first stone', that we cannot judge the sins of others. Bullshit! What did Christ say after the crowd dispersed? "Sin no more."  But many liberal Christians ignore that second command, and with it miss the entire point of the encounter.

The current schism in Christianity (and it is a schism) between the liberal sects and the more conservative ones between abortion, homosexuality, women, and the rest will likely end with the liberals withering on the vine.  Look at the Anglicans and Epicopalians - the clergy mostly women and homosexuals, the true faithful abandoning the church for the more conservative Protestant churches and Mother Church. These faiths with their hoary lineages are now on the verge of extinction because of the desire for 'openness' among their leadership.

Religion is not democracy! It is not the rule of the mob, where it must appeal to the most in order to be successful!  Our current insanity with the automatic assumption that everything must appeal to everyone and exclude no one is another issue at the heart of our cultural decline.  I don't hear anyone demanding the Jews opening up Judaism for the goyim, but damned if they don't think Mother Church should listen to what their cultural marxist enemies have to say.

This goes back to my original point, that in the drive to include as many as possible, they've lost what Christianity is about. It is not an easy path. It demands sacrifice, it demands that you change, that you humble yourself before G-d and that you are constantly falling short of His expectations of you.  In our 'everyone gets a trophy' society, no wonder people don't want to hear that.  Instead you got Skateboarding Jesus, Rock Band Jesus, and instead of understanding what Jesus meant in a contextual sense, you get the empty comprehension that can shift depending on the whim of the speaker. Ergo, the Devil quoting scripture for his own purposes.

When liberal congregations quote Jesus emptily, when they bleat about love and forgiveness, remember that the Serpent takes many forms.  Jesus may have loved the sinner, but God hates the sin.

That second point is missed, and that's where our culture stumbles.

And me? I wish I was a better Christian, and I know how pathetically short I come up in comparison, and that I will have much to answer for when I arrive at the throne of G-d.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Bitter is a common invective hurled around at writers by others in the writing business.  I've thought about why exactly its so popular, much like you hear liberals describe anything outside their cultural marxist viewpoint as 'vile' and/or 'noxious'.  I believe its because, much like those two terms, bitter prejudices the reader into favoring whoever is throwing around the adjective in question.

"Oh em gee, I don't like people who are vile/noxious/bitter!" thinks the reader, "I better steer clear of that bad egg!"

As someone who has been referred to by all three, these arguments are all emotion, no substance.  Bitter is no exception.  Bitter makes it sound like you're the one with the problem, while the other person is perfectly reasonable.  Again, tumblr/social justice warrior style arguing rears its head: post a sarcastic comment, snarky image, or blend of the two and that's all the argument you need. Facts? What the fuck is a fact? That sounds like you're trying to other me, bigot!

I see bitter used a lot by agents and editors to describe someone who they rejected.  Specifically "I got a bitter comment today. (sarcasm follows)"  In my particular case, I waited a year to hear back from an editor, and got a form reject.  My response was along the lines of: "You sat on my manuscript for a year and sent me a form reject? Classy."

Apparently, expecting a professional to do their job makes one bitter.  "But Jack!" you say, "don't you know editors are very busy people?"  Yes, but so am I, and I don't have time for this "poor pity me" bullshit that so many publishing gatekeepers (agents/editors/etc) love to hold up as an excuse for doing their job poorly.  Does this mean every agent query sent out needs a line by line critique? Hardly, but if you're going to sit on a manuscript for a year, a critique or commentary is the mark of a professional, something which is sorely lacking from the young adult side of the industry.  More and more, it seems as if you don't have an 'in' with an agent or editor, you're not really someone they'll deal with.  I'll talk more about the paradox in how publishing has become more closed as editors and agents have become more avaliable in another post.

That being said, I'd like to thank Eileen from WorldWeaver Press, who had my partial manuscript for ten months, and sent me back a nice two paragraph critique of what she liked and what she didn't.  While she's working in a smaller imprint, her professionalism is appreciated.

Many Little Things

I have a lot going on in my life right now.  This issue of buying a house seems to be neverending, with the VA throwing one hurdle after another in my way. I have sought the help of my Senator in this matter, and I hope it pays off.  I am amazed at how much stress is on my shoulders from it - I cannot say I have felt this way for a while.

My experience with sticking my foot into the pool of young adult publishing was not a successful one. If its not social justice warriors wanting your novel to reflect their cultural marxist sensibilities, its editors wondering why your novel can't be 50 Shades of Grey or something else derivative of what's 'hot'.  My personal observation is that many editors are sheep, and following the herd is the easiest thing to do.  Any claims of wanting "experimental", "unique", or whatever tired adjective you choose is simply posturing to others in the industry.

My beloved country continues its slow degeneration as the traitors in our Congress look us straight in the eye and tell us how their immigration amnesty will fix all our problems, yet seem unable to point out exactly where this is in their 800 plus page monstrosity.  The idiocy of the Republican Party is apparent in their choice of an expat Cuban to appeal to Mexican indios, Texan nativos, and the rest of the roiling cauldron that is Latin America's populace.  For all the millions that they throw at Imperial City insiders, they still cannot fathom how a Cuban is not a Mexican is not a Honduran is not a Columbian is not a Chilean.

Somewhere I imagine Karl Rove or Grover Norquist wobbling their chins and stating defiantly "Nonsense! They all have a last name that ends in Z and enjoy tacos!" while some RNC heads nod their heads as if this is wisdom.  Between this and the number of 'gimmedats' the Democrats hand out, no wonder they can't win a nationwide election even as real unemployment approached 20%.