Tuesday, September 3, 2013

All Together, Forward

You may have noticed its slowed down around here.

With my editor talking about "hey we'd like all three books by next year" I figure I need 7K words a week at least to get there.  I hate the style of blogging that's "here's an article and a pithy quote", so if something catches my eye I'll post about it.  I'll try to get one post a week here, but who knows how things go?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Syria + Pop Culture

I wonder if everytime the old hands in the military/intelligence/diplomatic spheres see Obama make another 'decision' in regards to Syria there's a run on premium, luxury spirits in the NOVA/DC area.  I imagine watching this President flush everything they spent decades working to achieve (as far as US influence goes, at least) down the drain in order to go golfing can't be easy.  All that sacrifice in the silence, all those family moments missed, all those lives lost so we can fuck things up in the Levant even further and bomb Assad on behalf of insane cannibal religious fanatics.

Yeah, if you invested in top shelf booze you're probably reaping a whirlwind of fortune right now.  I had to listen to Senator Judas McCaine (AZ-Traitor) lick the blood off his hands on the radio while he described how we needed to go into Syria and effect regime change and that the President was a putz for not giving weapons to the 'right' rebels.  Well McCaine, who ARE the right rebels because right now it seems like we're all about bombing Christians and their defenders on behalf of salafist interests.

I've read some reports on the internet that Russia is preparing to bomb the shit out of Saudi Arabia if the West attacks Syria. 

According to the story, Putin is righteously furious at Bandar threatening the Olympics in Sochi with Chechen terrorists.  EUTimes I know, but this kind of bullshit isn't something that seems out of place for Bandar (remember he tried to publicly buy the Russians) or Putin.  Seriously Putin has likely personally put more people in graves than any other world leader with the exception of George HW Bush (basing that off his CIA days), so I don't understand the entire dismissive handwaving educated idiots like Obama engage in with a man sitting on the worlds largest nuclear arsenal.

I thought Hannah Montana screaming LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME IM A GROWN UP BIG GIRL NOW was a bit extreme and then I got looking at other pop music and the whores they have singing songs about "independent grrrl".  Well being an "independent grrl" got my sister killed so I realized that I'm going to have to be a dad from the 1600s with my daughter, and not only with boys.  I guess shame is dead in the country now after watching the "American Girl" music video and anything with cher lloyd.  Nothing says classy like tattoos all over your hands and neck.

The spooks at least got to live through the Golden Age of American Exceptionalism.  I don't blame them for drinking.  I hope they don't blame me for joining them, at least for a minute.  Just waiting for the call to spit on my hands, raise a black flag, and begin slitting throats.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good news

I just want to share my good news.  My novel has been picked up by a publishing company.  I still don't know how to order my emotions, because when I think of all the pathos I put into trying to get it published it doesn't seem real.  I still feel wary about telling anyone because I'm worried it can still be taken away from me at a moment's notice.

Its certainly been a long trip, and looking back it confirms a lot of the negatives of the publishing industry and how much ass kissing gatekeepers can get you further than actually writing a decent novel.  That being said, I got my foot in the door because of someone I know and impressed, so there's something to be said for networking.  I'm very thankful to him, because he's a good guy and believed in my work.

So where does that put me?  Seems like its easy to say "Hanson! You're mocking the posturing and preening that goes on among authors but you got your moment in the sun because of someone you know!"  And you'd be right on both counts, but the difference is I never betrayed who I was to get there.  I never mouthed a bunch of SJW platitudes on Twitter to suck up to would be feminist editors, I never made dramatic story changes that killed the heart of the story in order to appeal to an agent, and I tried my damndest to never compromise my values. 

As Kent Anderson said in Night Dogs: "I think if you stay true to yourself, and you kiss as little ass as possible, when you die...  Something happens."  In context its a bit more poignant (two Vietnam buddies trying to figure out the why of their survival), but it still holds weight.

Stay true to who you are.  That name on a book doesn't carry nearly as much weight as keeping to your principles.

All praise to G-d, Jesus Christ and Saint Michael. Amen.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

"A nation of laws, not men"

It should come as no surprise that the Obama Administration picks and chooses what laws it wants to follow.  Of course I won't ignore the fact that much of Congress has abridged its responsibilities to provide oversight to the Executive for at least a decade now.  We've watched as this nation has gone from having some sort of balance to that tired old saw of "the President is our Commander in Chief", which is false and idiotic. 

In the throes of all this nonsense with Obama making up law by fiat and few Congressmen willing to stand up to him, it seems like everyday we're hit with a new story of how the Executive branch ignored the law as written and just did what the fuck it wanted to anyway.  As I said above, this has been going on for years.  The biggest damage the Bush Administration has done to us hasn't been the Iraq War, but the tottering wreck that the "balance of powers" has become.  Nixon was impeached for spying on private citizens orders of magnitude smaller than what the NSA had done, but now its considered 'fiat'.

Look at the fucking mess our immigration laws have become.  What the fuck is this "discretionary enforcement" bullshit?  The President is meant to enforce the laws the Congress has passed, not fucking pick and choose what he wants via his "privilege" like he's some sort of fucking king.  Breitbart has revealed how the culture of discretionary memos is part and parcel why the asylum system has been overwhelmed.  Now Holder is saying he'll get around minimum sentencing guidelines by withholding drugs to bring it below a certain level.  How the fuck is this impartial justice?!

You can either have a system of laws that everyone abides by, or you get some derivative of anarchy, tyranny, or (anarcho-tyranny).  The biggest example of this is the bullshit that happens in the glorious state of California.  They've got notoriously high fines for traffic violations there, but you have carte blanche to do what the fuck you want if you're rolling around with a plate from south of the border because the cops know that they won't be able to come after you for that fine.  However if you're a US citizen hold on to your fucking hat because you might be looking at nearly a grand in fines.

If people don't respect the law, they won't respect the law makers, and they won't respect the government who makes the law.  This is Civics 101, but in this decadent age it seems we've even forgotten how the fuck to make a society tick along as the Left drags our country more and more onwards to a utopia that only exists in their fucking minds.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Publishing News

I've contracted someone to work on the cover for Cry Havoc.  She sent me the preview image (sans title and author name) and it looks glorious.  I look forward to e-pubbing this through Amazon soon.  Right now the only thing that still has me tangled in knots is how to write the synopsis.  Any ideas?

Marching towards Dystopia

Today was an amazing day for a few reasons.  NASDAQ got shut down shortly after Apple stock went below the magical $500 mark.  Bradley Manning declared he was a woman called Chelsea.  Syria, in the middle of crushing the insane takfari rebellion, is accused of gassing its own people (Iraq War redux), and some white liberal on gawker claims that the Australian shot to death by some bored niggers is nothing for whites to worry about and its just evil kkkonservatives ginning up hate.  Oh yeah, and the Oberlin story about the evil racists causing havoc was a ginned up hoax.  

What caught my eye though, was this story coming out of New Mexico, in which the NMSC revealed that it is totally and utterly poz'd by liberalism.  A wedding photographer refused to provide services to a homosexual ceremony because it went against her Christian beliefs.  The homos sued because "mah civil rights" or something.  I missed where exactly in the Constitution you have a right to have your photos taken at your make believe ceremony, or that there can be only one wedding photographer.

You can probably figure out where it goes from here.  Its the commentary of the judges that is so fucking disturbing though, and lets you know how fucked and divorced they are from any sort of reality or system of governing that we live in.  For example, did you know that wedding photography was a "public accomodation"?  Which means that your right of free association and who you wish to do business with is trumphed by that piece of communist ideology, the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act that the government uses to do whatever the fuck it feels like.

Here's the kicker though, the line that proves Orwell's old saw about how "some animals are more equal than others".  Cryptocommunist "Justice" Rich Bosson declares that:

At its heart, this case teaches that at some point in our lives all of us must compromise, if only a little, to accommodate the contrasting values of others. A multicultural, pluralistic society, one of our nation’s strengths, demands no less. The Huguenins are free to … pray to the God of their choice … But there is a price, one that we all have to pay somewhere in our civic life.

What the fuck does this mean? It means that your religious convictions are overruled by some communist who decided that what someone CHOOSES to fuck is a higher calling that the Divine.  "A multicultural, pluralistic society, one of our nation's strenghts" what the fuck is this motherfucker talking about? Has he seen Detroit or any other wreck that liberals created with their multicultural fuzzy thinking?  Did this "judge" think that his logic could be applied both ways and that the Huguenins rights are just as valid as some faggot?  Of course not, because in Liberal Think land, there's a victim hierarchy and white Christians are below faggots so anything that happens to Christians is okay.

For some reason if the Huguenins were Muslims and refused to serve bacon at the homo festival, I doubt that Bosson would have declared that they Muslims had to serve the bacon because of "muh religion".  This is a country that is filled with rot at its soul and madness within and without.  If wisdom is fear of G-d, than we are the most foolish country that is.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"This world moves so slowly."

Back, until the next Event that takes out internet service.  I know I promised phone posts but then I go and drop my phone in water and then I don't even have that.  The truth is that I was "unconnected" for about three days and it was an odd state of being. I couldn't access the news except at work, I didn't know what was going on once I left, and I could not keep in contact with people at all.  That you can call three days without access to a phone or internet an 'experience' shows how much life has changed in the last five years.  Not that this is a mind blowing revelation of any sort, but its one thing to be blase about it while you're posting from your phone and another thing entirely to work out how you're going to get in contact with people who are only avaliable through one medium that you don't have access to.

The world continues to spin, and it seems like the 'masks have dropped' and the actors of state tyranny are now openly flexing their muscles.  The UK sent agents to the Guardian to destroy their computers, and their Home Office stopped the partner of Glenn Greenwald (who broke the Snowden story) because they thought he might be "aiding terrorists".  So now the order of the day is harassment for anyone who dares fuck with the new neoliberal order of bureaucratic tyranny, multicult at any cost, defended by idiots impressed with their own power and a fleet of drones piloted by vidya game jockeys.  This is where Western Civilization is heading.

I don't think anyone can predict the end game though, but I don't see the fate of mankind to be ruled over by pansexual mutt tranny bureaucrats.  Call it the Fort Sumter Rule:  You'll only know the defining moment that everything has changed after its happened.

By the way, three black teenagers killed an Australian student in Oklahoma just for shits and giggles, and the Daily Kos is worried that conservatives will use this to justify their racism.  No, you fucking isolated retarded limp wristed cunt, we don't need to 'justify' the facts that make up our daily life while you go about inventing terms like "stereotype threat" and "closing the gap" while you tell us how to live our lives from your fucking whitopia.  Its not about black or white as much as its about the civilized versus the savage and their enablers.  I want to be around humans, not around beasts who think that shooting someone because their bored is a good time or pathetic would be fucking tyrants who don't give a shit about who fucking dies as they fumble around in their search for a more perfect utopia.